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Kyolic aged garlic supplement benefits (Infographic)

Kyolic aged garlic supplement benefits

You know that being healthy is important, or at least to try as much as possible to be. Sometimes, though, it’s much easier in theory to lead a healthy lifestyle than it is to apply to everyday life. When you’re busy can’t focus on a healthy way of eating, you’re going to need a helping hand. That’s where supplements come in to help. Let’s start by talking about the general benefits of quality supplements and then getting specific about the Kyolic aged garlic supplement. There’s even a handy infographic!

Topping up those vitamins

Firstly, look into a great vitamin supplement. The kind you choose is going to be very personal to you and your lifestyle needs.

Why take one? When you can’t guarantee that you’re getting enough vitamins through food and drink, taking a multivitamin supplement can boost your health.

Powerful antioxidants

Finally, you’ll want to think about how you can boost the antioxidants in your meal plan. Although foods like blueberries are powerful antioxidants, you can use key extracts in your diet too. C

Check out the below infographic on how the Nutra-Life Kyolic Aged Garlic in particular can be a great supplement for your health. Kyolic aged garlic supplement is a naturally-sourced supplement that has no unpleasant odor.

Providing protein

Protein is a key macro that most people know is necessary to consume, especially if you want to maintain an optimal body fat percentage. But, it’s not always easy to ensure that you’re eating enough of it.

That can especially be the case if you’re not much of a meat-eater, or you are a vegetarian or vegan. So, a suitable protein powder or supplement can be a great idea for you.

3 benefits of Kyolic aged garlic supplements:

There’s a lot to cover so let’s get to it:

1. Boost heart health

Yes, it can help your heart. Garlic has long been used to help with illnesses like heart disease and asthma.

Now, researchers have determined that the garlic extract supplement can significantly improve heart health. It can also reverse early signs of heart disease.

2. Kyolic aged garlic supplement reduces blood pressure

For those who have issues with high blood pressure, the garlic supplement can also be helpful. This point was found in hypertensive patients. Thus, it can be a treatment for uncontrolled hypertension alongside conventional therapy through a medical specialist’s plan.

3. Helps with gut microbiota

Kyolic aged garlic extract has the potential to improve gut microbiota, as per a 2018 study. While you might not think that is important, think again. The gut microbiome helps the digestive process and benefits the immune system.

Additional Kyolic aged garlic supplement benefits (Infographic)

garlic extract infographic

21 thoughts on “Kyolic aged garlic supplement benefits (Infographic)”

  1. All good thoughts about supplements.
    I’ve taken supplements in the past and enjoyed them, but I just can’t seem to find room for them in my budget right now. I do plan to hop right back on them as soon as I can, though!

  2. So important to supplement for what we lack and can’t get in our food whether because of poor nutrients left in them or maybe not absorbing them proper. I wouldn’t be without mine. especially Vitamin D! <3

    1. Thanks Debby. I’m all about the Vitamin D too. My dermatologist says it’s a must for me to take daily. This week I went for my cancer screening and it’s another year free of the “c” for me – yay! Have a wonderful weekend ahead :)

  3. Merry Christmas Christy ! Very informative. I only take vitamin D. My mom started taking garlic to get her blood pressure under control. It worked but the doctor said it must be cause she lost weight. Yes of course but I believe the garlic definitely helped.

  4. I´ve never heard of aged garlic before but since I eat a lot of the fresh one that might be okay ;) Apart from that I only take capsules with Omega 3 fatty acids since I don´t eat a lot of fish and notice it greatly improves my skin in winter!

  5. Hi Christy! I have heard that garlic is good for you but I haven’t heard about Kyolic before. My husband is of Italian heritage, so we eat our share of garlic as it really adds flavor to a lot of the food we eat – we have a container of peeled garlic in the fridge, ready to be used! Thanks for sharing this post and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Healthy New Year!

  6. I have been observing your overdrive on health, wellness and lifestyle with keen interest as it spread out for most of 2017. Keep these capsules coming, Christy. My heartiest Christmas greetings…

  7. Such an informative post again, Christy. True that sometimes we don’t always get the vitamins and nutrients we need from food. I’m not a huge fan of supplements and try to eat a wide variety of food groups so I get enough good stuff going into my body. But Vitamin D is something I’ve always lacked and my doctor prescribed me pills for it, so I take them…when I remember :D As for garlic, I always love it and eat all kinds of it. Wishing you a great day and end of the year <3

  8. Great advice Christy :-)
    I’m going on with a lot of extras since I came home from hospital in the summer and it helps and support much, especially when the appetite not always are good. I prefer to enjoy garlic natural and I don’t mind the smell, which all have here, I think.

  9. Awesome writing and advice, friend! You know, I think protein is DEFINITELY a need of mine. Back when I did 30 days of being vegan, it was like I couldn’t eat enough food, I was losing weight (that I wasn’t trying to lose), and was always hungry and dizzy. Reading this, I think it was because I wasn’t getting enough protein, even though I really did make a concerted effort to do so. As soon as introduced dairy again into my diet, I felt a lot – I mean A LOT – better. Either I didn’t get enough protein, or a plant-based diet isn’t good for my metabolism, or both. LOL. But being vegetarian is fine by me and I’ll be looking into those protein supplements. :)

  10. Alessandro Tinchini

    This post seems to be designed for me. My current weight is 119.05 libs, while ususally I was a little more than 116.

    I recently started to eat more meat, excluded coffee for some months (due to my strong, 18-year-old migraine) and added magnesium.

    Also, my blood exams (done two weeks ago) showed improvement in cholesterol indexes; they had always been beyond the proper range and this was evident in February. Earlier this month, my indexes were perfect for the very first time in my life.

    That is also due to my seasonal work at a restaurant here in my hometown: my bosses always guarantee lunch and dinner for the personnel. Our frantic activity was compensated by good alimentation.

    Thanks for sharing, Christy.

  11. Good tips!… Interesting to learn about Kyolic garlic extract and its benefits, BTW .
    Merry Christy- Christmas to you, Christy (I like the redundancy :D ) 🤶💕♨️

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