4 careers for fearless females: Have you considered these jobs yet?

Fearless females at work

It’s a slow march to equality, and there are still many areas in the world of work where women are under-represented. These are areas thought of as traditionally the natural domain of men – physically tough or demanding careers. Ah, but for a fearless female, that’s the ideal challenge! Mentally engaging, physically active, or making a real difference in the world, these four careers could be crying out for the skills you have to offer:

1. Calling fearless females for policing roles

Joining the police force offers a wealth of very different career paths, from chasing down criminal suspects to supporting victims of abuse. And, often woman have unique skills to bring to the table. As well as being able to be tough when the job calls for it, the empathetic side of dealing with victims of crime is a big draw for some female police officers.

Dealing with a wide range of people, piecing together evidence, and the adrenaline of crime stopping can be a great combination. A criminology program is a good way to get insight into the skills and the understanding of human psychology required for this career.

2. App development

The fast-paced, analytical world of tech suits women with problem-solving skills and attention to detail – but it’s still a male-dominated world. Numbers of female coders and developers are growing though, with networking events aimed at connecting them.

Hundreds of new apps are launched everyday, so it’s a skill that can see women able to command top dollar in salary and go freelance, setting their own hours around their lifestyles and any family commitments.

3. Automotive engineering

If you feel the need for speed, then getting involved in the automotive industry could be for you. The role of an engineer – testing, developing and refining car models – can provide a lot of job satisfaction for fearless females.

Working with data and mechanics requires lots of analytical skills, and brings the satisfaction of knowing exactly how things work- and how to improve them. With engineering graduates in high demand in industry, there are plenty of well-paid opportunities.

4. Property development

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work for yourself, then property development could be an option. Developers essentially work as their own project manager, from having the vision to hunt down houses with potential at auction to dealing with tradespeople, coordinating plans, and staging a house for sale.

You’ll need to have some familiarity with several areas, such as electrics and plumbing, plus great contacts, if you want to excel at this career. Determination and a willingness to get your hands dirty are also important.

Being self-employed and able to set your own hours is a big bonus. But expect to put in plenty of hard work at the start. Seeing a property go from wreck to a dream home is very satisfying though!

Concluding thoughts on fearless females

When it comes to career paths, this list is the tip of a very large iceberg. From truck driving to geology and private detectives to architects, there are many areas that could benefit from more female representation. So, think outside the box when it comes to choosing where to specialize and you could find a highly rewarding career.


  1. Another inspiring article, Christy. Women can do anything, any job if they set their mind to it. While there still tends to be a degree of discrimination in certain parts of the workforce, if women don’t learn and try they won’t know for sure if they will get into that field. Slowly but surely women are being valued for their skills and what they can bring to the job – and no reason why they can’t do a job if they are well qualified and capable for it :)

  2. I’ve often thought “writing code” would be a great advantage in this new world. As a creative person, I could take it beyond Apps. The sky is the limit.
    If I ever went back to education for a new career, I would chose this.

  3. I worked in I.T for sixteen years, it’s definitely a career women should consider. It’s a very male-dominated industry but its fascinating if you’re into that kind of thing. My third book will be on this subject. Good article, thanks.

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