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5 Must-Haves When You Have Elderly Parents At Home

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Today’s guest post written by Chris Palmer of Age Space gives great insight into the tools necessary for providing quality care for aging parents within the home. Let’s give Chris the floor:

As our parents grow older, they grow weaker with time. A stage comes when every single part and organ of the elders get slow and stops to work in their regular intervals, and with the same motion, they used to work once. It occurs because the usage of the body exceeds its limits of capability.

After spending many years your body could have gone through many phases and injuries, these injuries may have been recovered at stages, but with time they make the body weaker. So special care is needed.

If you are in the home, you must take care of your parents by making the environment clean. Take care of structural damage too when you see the first signs of it!

If cleanness and a germ-free environment are provided to the parents, then they would have better care. With the better atmosphere, better stuff should even be offered. There are five things to provide your parents at home to ensure their better health.

1. Medication

Medication is essential to be kept at home. There is always a doubt about the health of our elders.

To be always ready for any situation to occur we must have the important aid we can give them at the start. For keeping the medication the first step is to verify the diseases and the infections of your parents. You should know which sudden attack or disease can harm their health. You must provide them with the right medication at times with the concern of doctors.

2. Nurse

A nurse is very important to be appointed as she can understand the condition of your parents more efficiently. Appointing a nurse daily would be perfect, but a weekly appointment can even be vital.

A nurse is professionally trained to handle patients with different problems so they can realize the condition of your parents and can guide you through steps to be carried out for their care. In times of greater illness, nurses can even provide the elders with the first aid they need to avoid the danger of bigger harm.

3. Regular check-up instruments

You must have instruments available for their regular checkup of your parents. Instruments must be kept in a home so that you can keep a check on their health on a daily basis. You must regularly check their heartbeat, blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level.

4. Antibiotics

Other than medication you must have necessary and fewer magnitude antibiotics. Though medicine can help you protect them from a disease, an antibiotic can help you reduce their pain.

5. Comfort zone

You must provide the elders with a comfort zone in a house. It can be difficult for them to sit or lay down upon hard places so soft and comfortable items can be bought for their better care. It can even be done by the usage of the carers allowance as you can be known as a domestic employee to provide welfare to the weak.

About Today’s Writer

This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your aging parent from afar or in-home. You can find more by Chris at

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