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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 15

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Who’s ready for the weekend? Let’s make our way into the fun zone with inspirational blog posts! Below are some of the ones I’ve had the pleasure of reading this week. Keep on wowing me with your talent, my friends!

Inspiring reads from bloggers
Reads that inspire, from around the blogging community. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Hope… It is Enough?

John Fioravanti offers an introspective look at the state of our world today and asks Hope… Is It Enough? The post includes a wonderful quote from Michelle Obama and words from John about courage, positive spirit, and whether a better tomorrow can be found. Inspiration? It’s here.

About Harvey Weinstein

Yes, that Harvey. He’s taken the headlines of newspapers and TV news, and now the Hollywood scandal is being included here in today’s post. Jay of Assholes Watching Movies has documented shocking encounters women have had with Weinstein, and it reminds us how far we still have to go in society. But if we dig our heads in the sand about it then that cannot happen. Let’s look at this post, as uncomfortable as the details may be, and strive for a world where women are not treated as sexual objects EVER.

Let’s Spread Joy

I love the title of this inspirational blog post and it lives up to it too: 7 Ways to Spread Joy. To quote Lauren Atkins’ introduction, “If there isn’t any sunshine, we need to become the sunshine.” Yes! Let’s take it upon ourselves to share positive energy and encourage others, which is what Lauren is doing here.

You Use Petroleum Jelly for What?

Did you know the many uses of Vaseline petroleum jelly? After reading this post at The Pink Blush blog you certainly will know the hacks and benefits. From your feet to your lips, this product is useful. As you know by now, I like learning about skincare, and so I wanted to share this one.

Female Entrepreneurship Spotlight

Did you see the interview over at She’s Too Risky with Mary Liu of the New Wave program? It’s great to learn about this female entrepreneurship program that is supporting females and hear about how it has the potential to boost participants’ confidence levels. Let’s go for it!

Looking Beyond Gender

Have you ever felt that your gender limits you? Would you blog about it? That takes courage! Prajakta of An Armchair Perfectionist did write about it in an open and honest post titled My Gender. I thank her for being vulnerable enough to write it as it opens up the lines of communication between men and women, boys and girls.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 15”

  1. Love this! I found some inspiration and headed over to at least a few of those blogs after I comment here. Such lovely things DO happen in the world. <3 Thank you for these roundups. I know that when I read them, I walk away with my heart swelling for all the goodness that people are doing – so thank you! Hope you've been well! (And, btw, I've been doing a lot of backend work on my site and installed an SSL certificate…it's offline today, but should be back up and running tomorrow).
    In any case, I hope you're having a great weekend and talk to you soon! xo

    1. Hi C, thanks for taking time here as I know you’re busy. You’ve been updating your site and providing us with much wisdom.. It’s my pleasure to be able to provide these roundups as they inspire me too :) Happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me :) I am honoured… And I hope more of us speak up!

    I see a really interesting round-up here :) Will be checking them soon!

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