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Acne at 40: The Treatment Dos And Don’ts

Don't exfoliate too much

Do you dream of clearer skin? Even though we normally associate acne and facial spots with teenagers, the truth is that adult acne at 40 is actually extremely prevalent in today’s world. No one really knows why it is a lot more common these days, though. Thankfully, knowledge of the treatment of acne has greatly improved over the past few years, so much so that now we fully understand what acne sufferers should and shouldn’t do while they are trying to treat their skin. Here are some of the main dos and don’ts that you need to remember

Do Be Mindful While Washing Your Hair

If you suffer from back acne, then you need to be careful whenever you wash your hair. Shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments can clog up all the pores on the bottom of the neck and top of the back, and this can make it all too easy for pimples and spots to develop.

Ideally, avoid using any moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners like the ones on while you are trying to treat back acne as they can make it worse. It’s also important that you rinse your back thoroughly so that you don’t leave any hair products on the skin.

Do Limit Your Exfoliating

It’s true that exfoliating is really good for your skin and can remove dead skin cells, but you need to make sure that you aren’t doing it too often. Twice a week should suffice.

If you do it too frequently, you will find that it irritates the skin and can actually increase the visibility of acne. When you need to buy a new exfoliator, try and find a gel that contains glycolic or lactic acid instead of rough scrubbers.

Don’t Pick At Your Pimples

I know it can be really tempting and satisfying, but you really shouldn’t pick at your pimples or try to pop them! This will only cause them to get very sore and they will be extremely noticeable. Not only that, though, but it promotes the spread of acne, as you will be helping bacteria spread across the skin.

If you leave all your spots and pimples alone, you will find that they heal quickly and any outbreaks will be minimal. Plus, the scaring won’t be so bad after the acne has completely healed.

If you want clear skin, follow these dos and don’ts and your acne at 40 will clear up sooner rather than later! Looking for more info on fighting pimples? Here are five treatment options for clearing acne.

37 thoughts on “Acne at 40: The Treatment Dos And Don’ts”

  1. Thanks for some other great article. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such information.

    1. I would say, first, don’t try to pop them! The pain would NOT be worth it, not to mention the damage to the skin. Have you tried icing it? That could help minimize redness. And a dermatologist could provide you with a more personalized treatment plan.

    2. sarahrichelleblog

      I also suffer with cystic spots/acne and they are the worst as they take ages to come out, painful and look huge :( My skin is really getting me down at the minute and am thinking of trying some other medication. Have you been to your Dr and tried any meds? Would just be interested to know if you found anything has helped? X

  2. I didn’t realize that exploitation can make acne worse if you do it to much. I feel like my acne is strongly tied to my diet, stress level, and hormones. When I overeat sugar, dairy, and refined grains my acne becomes its worst!!

  3. I use two exfoliator that I make myself: 1) I give a few drops of extra vergine olive oil to a few teaspoons of normal salt, mix them and then gently rub it into my skin, 2) I make my own cold brew coffee and use the left-over grind which is much bigger than the normal one (more like sea salt in texture) – it’s a real mess to clean afterwards but it not only exfoliates but also revitalizes the skin and I love it! 😄

    1. When it comes to how to treat your skin, I prefer the Ayurvedan approach where it is taught that everything you put on your skin should theoretically be edible ;) Of course, no one eats sea salt in huge quantities but I think you get the meaning ;)

    2. I knew you would ;)
      Thank you, Christy, stomach seems much better now and I´m actually planning on maybe baking some peanut butter cookies this week ;) :D Much love! xxxxx

  4. I didn’t know that rich moisture shampoos or conditioners are connected to back acne. It makes sense, but I didn’t know! Where was this info in my prime acne days when I was 14?! ;) Thanks for the read! I still struggle with adult acne so I’ll take what I can get. :)

    1. Yes, some shampoos and conditioners can wreak havok on the skin on the back. I am with you that I wish that the research was available when we were younger!

  5. I used to work in the dermatology department at my local hospital as a secretary. Acne sufferers there had the option to take Isotretinoin, which was very effective but caused dry lips. Also women of childbearing age were not allowed to get pregnant whilst taking it, or for 3 months after the course finished.

    1. Good to know about the risks involved with Isotretinoin ~ Thank you for sharing the information, Stevie. I took Accutaine as a teen and it resulted in very dry facial skin overall.

  6. Thank you Christy for sharing tips, I am one of those people who pick on pimples now my face is left with acne marks. I tried looking for the cream to remove the marks but I don’t have any luck yet.

  7. These are very useful tips. Your exfoliation point is so true. I always get breakouts whenever I exfoliate. May be beacuse I have sensitive skin. I had severe acne in my teenage. There are some scars left on my face even now which I hide with makeup. Using The Body Shop Vitamin E serum has helped me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing good info!🙂🙂

    1. The Vit E serum would be good! Yes your exfoliator may be too harsh for your skin type. I’m feeling happy about our comments today :) Thanks for being here!

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