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Safeguarding Your Health As You Get Older

Get active; being fit isn't just for the young

Staying healthy is something that you should prioritize no matter what age you may be. Of course, it’s never too late to make a big change to your lifestyle. Perhaps you were strong whilst you were younger so your unhealthy habits didn’t have as much of an effect on your overall physical and mental wellbeing. However, as you get older, you’ll definitely start to notice that the kind of lifestyle you lead has a massive effect on your health.

You’ve likely noticed changes such as the fact that you put on weight more easily than you used to but that’s only one of many ways in which your body will change as you continue to age. Still, whilst you may have had a “live fast, die young” mentality whilst you were still young, things change as you grow older and have a family. People depend on you and you want to be there for them. You have responsibilities, so this isn’t about being healthy for selfish reasons. If you want to start taking steps to better safeguard your health as you get older then here are some pieces of advice that might just help you.

Get your body moving.

This first piece of advice is the most crucial step you can take towards safeguarding your health as you start to get older. There are many aspects we can’t control. You can’t stop your body from deteriorating as you age; you’ll start to have minor health and mental problems throughout your later years. However, you can go to lengths to reduce the number of medical problems you experience and generally have a more comfortable standard of living (whilst adding a few years onto your life) by improving the aspects of your health that are within your control. Physical exercise is something you can do rather easily and it’s not a pastime reserved for the young. You need to get your body moving frequently to keep your weight down but also to keep your heart and mind healthy. You might not be able to run like you used to but you can at least go for frequent brisk walks around your local area.

Get rid of the unhealthy habits.

We all have bad habits. Some of us like to eat too many sweet things, and some of us prefer to sit around watching TV rather than getting outside and keeping active. Of course, as mentioned before, these things may not have much of an effect whilst you’re still young, but you’ll definitely start to see the consequences of unhealthy habits as you get older. It’s best to cut out the bad stuff as early as possible in your life so that your later years are long and happy. If you’ve struggled to put down the cigarettes or the alcohol for many years of your life then you might want to look into rehab for addiction treatment. Remember, it’s never too late to make a lifestyle change. Think of all the people who love and depend on you and make changes to improve your health before it gets bad.

Get your senses checked.

As you get older, your senses will start to deteriorate. It’s important to get things such as your vision and hearing checked frequently. Failure to keep on top of that could do your eyesight and ears more damage because you’ll be straining to see or hear things rather than getting the medical help you need to re-balance your senses.

19 thoughts on “Safeguarding Your Health As You Get Older”

  1. Such good advice Christy. I’ll tell you when I miss the gym too many times, it’s brutal starting over, which tells me that when I do go regularly, it’s paying off. Not so sure about in the ‘hot bod’ department but it makes me feel better, lol. <3

  2. These are so good and so important! I have examples all around me – those who took care and those who let it get away. The level of fitness of my parents will put a college kid to shame!

  3. Very important post, my parents have both been exercising ~ because they like it but also because they understand that being active is important, especially since they know as they get older they find it easy not to be active. Winter really creates the problem for activity with them.

  4. These are great recommendations, Christy:)

    I grew up being very active but this was in large part because my parents always motivated me to exercise and participate in activities such as dance. However, when I turned 18 and moved out, I found that all motivation went out the window! I was living off Tesco meal deals, drinking coke on a daily basis, and hardly doing any physical movement.

    At first, I noticed no changes to my body but as the years passed I begun to gain a lot of weight. I am now on a journey to become healthy, but I am focusing on consistently exercising and eating healthy foods versus pressuring myself to reach a number on the scale!

  5. My colleague went to the dentist the other day and it made me realize I hadn’t been for FIVE years. Omg I visioned the dentist would look at me worried and declare all teeth useless and I would leave his clinic as Toothless the dragon. I did go and it was ok thank goodness . Still got all teeth…

  6. Great advice, Christy. I get my eyes checked every year, but I’ve never had my hearing checked since elementary school…YIKES! At 52 years old, I know all of those rock concert years have taken a toll.

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