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Are these daily stressors impacting your life?

Stress is something we should take very seriously. Recent research that 48% of Americans believe that their lives are becoming more stressful. We’ve looked at ways to fight stress and to find your calm, but as well as treating the symptoms, we need to tackle the issues. So, let’s take a look at 4 of the big daily stressors and what to do about them for the sake of your health.

4 daily stressors:

1. Unbalanced work

We live in a very work-driven society. We’re trying to succeed, to make something of ourselves, and to provide for our loved ones.

But we often go too far, and work-life balance is becoming a serious issue. Time management is one of the single best tools to ensure that we keep space and time for all aspects of our life.

For instance, if you’re a mompreneur or you work from home, set some rigid ground rules, including:

  • Exact times when you begin and end work
  • Spaces that you can’t be interrupted in unless it’s an emergency

Creating boundaries makes it a lot easier to go from “work”-mode to “life”-mode, and vice versa.

2. Unbalanced health

Stress isn’t just an emotional state. It’s a very real physical change dictated by hormones in the body and how they affect the mind. A healthy lifestyle has been proven to have a huge effect on these hormones.

For instance, a better diet with more B vitamins, Omega 3, and magnesium can help combat stress. Exercise is a well-known therapy for working off stress.

Better sleep habits will contribute massively, too.

More daily stressors:

3. Unbalanced books

Part of the reason we work so hard is that we want to take control of our financial situation. Monetary sstress is very real and can be one of the most acutely harmful ones.

Beyond starting to budget our money, to find our bad habits and to make sense of expenditures, we need to know there are always options out there. When dealing with debt, tools like can help us make things manageable.

When we’re in need of a little extra money, the availability of side gigs online, easier loans, and even options like renting out storage space in the home can help us get back on top.

4. Unbalanced goals

Sometimes, we lose direction in life. Perhaps balancing our work, our health, and our money can all feel like we’re just treading water.

Humans desire a sense of purpose and goal-setting, as recommended by, can help you find that. Not only can we set goals that make real practical differences in our lives.

The feeling of completing challenges we set for ourselves and of making real progress will, in the end, make us feel like a more active, successful person with more agency in our own lives.

Daily stressors and unexpected causes of stress

Beyond the management of daily life and the direction we take our lives, there are big disruptions that are serious contributors to stress as well. Bereavement, sudden or chronic health issues, job loss, or a change in circumstances.

When it comes to these abrupt causes of stress, it should go without saying that we need to take care of ourselves and admit when we need some help to deal with the fallout. We can find a calmer version of ourselves again. Sometimes it just takes time.

18 thoughts on “Are these daily stressors impacting your life?”

  1. Great tips on managing stress, Christy. I am guilty of this, or probably working at work or writing after work until I get quite tired! Lately I’ve been cutting down my to-do list, and doing things that are important first. Agree that having a balanced lifestyle and making a clear cut line as to when play starts is key to helping us manage our stress levels better. Also having realistic goals certainly works too – and not too many goals so we don’t stretch ourselves so thin.

  2. Great advice Christy – stress can do so much harm and work-life balance is so hard to achieve, especially when you are working on successful career. Sometimes we make too little time for ourselves. Great thoughts – thank you for sharing them!

  3. Oh – I Love ❤️ the calm version of myself. I also love the self of me when I am stressy-workpants. I see my good, honest, hard-work and I don’t make my self care into more work. Thank Goddess! I really enjoyed your thoughtful post here. Balance is a work in progress since our capacities are always in flux. How beautiful is this stressful life? I’d say, very! Happy Virgo New Moon! My favorite is when all our stress is the good stress, the kind that helps us build on our strengths, partly by helping us find them within and all our supports around!

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