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4 Strange Things Women Need To Join A Sports Team

Ladies, exercise, and self-confidence

200,000 – that is the number of women playing collegiate sports. 3.2 million – the number of high schoolers taking part from 1972 to 2011. The figures for women in sports has increased over the years. In 2017, more and more ladies are seeing the advantages of joining a sports team and participating in sport. So, it is no wonder you are likely thinking about doing the same.

However, lots of women don’t find it as easy as picking a sport and joining a team. Instead, they need to make sure they cover all the bases beforehand. With that in mind, here are the weird things you might need to join a sports team.

Ladies, exercise, and self-confidence
Get your fitness on! Here’s some healthy female competition on the soccer field. Pexels image.

A Friend

We all like to think of ourselves as strong, fearless, independent women. And, we are, and nothing can change that. Still, just because we are independent doesn’t mean we don’t get scared from time to time. Joining a sports team is intimidating, especially if you are new and don’t know any of the other girls. In fact, it’s that intimidating that it puts recruits off joining in the first place. Studies show that people with friends within a close-knit community are more likely to make the transition. points out that you will make friends, but you need help to make the first step.

Health Insurance

The idea of going to and searching for a new policy sounds weird. Why would you need a health plan to play sports? Well, the answer is simple: people get hurt. According to, there are an estimated 2 million sport-related injuries per year. Seen as you could be one of these people, it is essential to have coverage for two reasons. The first is that your current policy might not cover a sports injury. The second is that a comprehensive plan covers your expenses until you are well again. If you get injured, it could prevent you from going to work and earning a wage.

Improving your health at the gym beforehand
Boost your fitness at the gym before joining an athletic league and impress your coach. Photo by, CC BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons.

Gym Membership

You are joining a sports team to get fit, so the idea of getting fit beforehand won’t seem like a savvy move. However, just attending training sessions isn’t enough for most women. Not only do they want to see the health benefits, but they want to compete, too. If you are a competitive person, the only way to break into the team is with quality performances. Skill might seem like the main factor, but your fitness is the key. Boosting your health is an excellent way to get off to a great start and to impress your coach.

A Positive Attitude

Women don’t find it as easy as men to work out and exercise. Due to the stereotypes in society, lots of women think they have to adhere to certain constructs. This affects their attitude and enjoyment levels. The trick is to forget about other people. You want to join a club for you, and you should keep that in mind.

The less you worry about other people, the more you will enjoy the experience.

26 thoughts on “4 Strange Things Women Need To Join A Sports Team”

  1. Nice post :) It reminds me of how I got into Fencing. I started off going with a friend back in secondary school for two years. It got me hooked and I am currently in my university’s Fencing Club. That was a big step, since I was all by myself and pretty timid. It helped a lot and gave me a serious ego-boost :D I don’t regret joining the team! Tip for all: do get an insurance. You’ll never know what can happen :)

  2. Very interesting approach. I think the media play a huge role in the ‘attitude’ issue you described. I also think this can be related to the ‘friend’ point. For a young girl growing up, the lack of coverage of women’s sport would make it a foreign concept – one they’re not used to, and thus they never really expect to succeed in sport or achieve a living out of it. Unlike males who feel an expectation to play sport, it is almost depicted as a luxury. I think the media should (or could) play a crucial role in breaking down this glass ceiling and the stigma around females in sport.

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