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G…uest #19: Ways to Easily Improve Your Cooking Skills

Thank you Esme for having me over to her kitchen this weekend! With practice comes improvement, when it comes to cooking and other crafts. I took yesterday off for rest and rejuvenation and am doing the same today. Just wanted to share this one in the meantime. Hope you are enjoying a nice Labor/Labour Day weekend! ♥

28 thoughts on “G…uest #19: Ways to Easily Improve Your Cooking Skills”

  1. Taking time off to rest? Now Christy, *that* is inspiring! Great minds think alike! :D I have the Labor Day holiday today, then I’m taking vacation days Thursday and Friday. It sure would be nice to have a 2 day workweek all the time! Hugs on the wing!

    1. Yahoooo Teagan! Yes, I took the last 2 days for R&R and it was faaaaabulous :D I hope you enjoy your rest and a 2-day workweek sounds very manageable ;) Hugging back ~ Thanks for the comment you left at The Recipe Hunter too xx

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