The Ultimate Guide to Happy Hands for Women


Having delicate, soft, great looking hands is something that many women would like. However, this isn’t always possible due to the nature of our lifestyles these days. Some women have jobs that require them to use their hands regularly or come into contact with certain chemicals. There can be numerous reasons that a woman’s hands may not look just as she wants them to. Here’s the ultimate guide to happy hands for women, so you can improve the look of your hands in a flash:

Always Protect Them from Chemicals and the Elements

Protecting your hands and nails from chemicals and the elements is crucial if you want them to look their best for longer. If you use chemicals regularly, such as in hairdressing or home cleaning, you need to make sure your hands are protected with suitable gloves. Wearing gloves during the winter time is also important and can stop you from experiencing sore cracks and other issues. You even need to make sure your hands are protected during the summer time. Applying an SPF will stop them from becoming sun damaged and wrinkled.

Protect your hands, all year round
The ultimate guide to happy hands for women. Pixabay image, CC0 Creative Commons.

Keep Them Moisturized

Keep your hands moisturized by applying a great product at least once a day. If you wash your hands regularly, for instance after you’ve been to the bathroom, you should make sure you apply moisture afterwards. Calendula oil is a product that can be used for this, and can also help many skin conditions, like eczema. Making your own can be fun, so consider finding out how to infuse your own calendula oil if you’re interested. If not, there are many products on the market, but bear in mind it’s best to go for something with minimal ingredients as it’ll be kinder to your hands.

Wear Gloves at the Gym

If you workout in the gym, wearing gloves can help to protect your hands from calluses and hard skin. Weight training is brilliant for creating the body of your dreams, but it can wreak havoc on the hands!

Keep Nails Filed and Add a Clear Coat

If you struggle to keep your nails long and strong, it’s best to keep them filed short as neatly as possible. Carry a file with you and do it daily, making sure you get rid of sharp corners and that they are even. A square shape is easier to achieve than a round shape. Add a clear coat each day for extra strength, and one day you may be able to have natural, long nails. Of course there are options if you struggle with this; gel nails, acrylic nails, and so on. However, many people can’t have these due to work commitments. Whatever you do, make sure you are careful or find a nail tech who is gentle with the nails and offers safe treatments.

Buff and Shine Once a Week

Buffing and shining your nails not only makes them look great, it helps to increase circulation and keep your nails bright and healthy!

Use these tips regularly and you will have happy hands. Happy hands can reach out for a welcoming hug the next time you see a friend!


  1. Loved this! I’m a dedicated person when it comes to trying to protect my hands. You’ll never find me without polish on, or gloves when doing dishes, cleaning, and always in the winter. I keep a pair in the pockets of all of my coats, lol. <3

  2. Oh sweet Lord, you just made me take a look at an utter disaster. Two fingers and one fingernail full of black ink, one finger in a metal cast ( this country life is turning me into a hot mess! ), a fairly new scar from a puppy bite and peeling fingertips from the mentioned ” floor scrubbing “. How I looooooong now for a day at the spa!!!! ❤️😊

  3. Do your homework when finding a nail salon – people get nasty infections from those places way more often than you’d think.
    Also, anyone who works retail in a clothing store DEFINITELY needs to moisturize. Touching fabrics all day long really steals the natural oils from your fingers, it’s crazy!

  4. Oh it has been so long since I’ve had a manicure! Haha but I can’t stand to have them dry. I always moisturise them. Maybe because I work in a hospital and use hand sanitizers alot and they seem dry! My hands aren’t looking so pretty at the moment. My finger still has bandages everywhere haha

  5. Earlier I would just get my nails done and that would be it but over time, I have realised that it’s more of an overall process and daily care plays a crucial part like you included moisturizing after every wash. Loved your post

  6. I am “more or less” when it comes to hands… But last summer my nails were quite pretty… you are the role model, BTW. You have beautiful hands… and nails!. ((I´ll have to stick to this tips, then!) xxoo ;)

  7. Oh groan…! Christy, I have been terrible about taking care of my hands all my life, and it’s begun to show. (I also have BeausLines in my nails from stress related zinc deficiency, which makes them look even worse.) I need to memorize every word of this post…

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