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Ticking Over: Lifestyle Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart

Reduce the odds of heart disease developing

Taking care of the body is a responsibility that we must all pay attention to on a daily basis. While accountability should extend to every part of the body, there’s no question that the heart is one of the most important features.

A healthy heart provides the foundations for a far better life, and there are many ways to keep yours in great condition for many years to come. From repairing damage to preventing problems in later years, here are some simple tricks that will serve you well.  

Control Bad Habits

Society has become increasingly aware of the damage caused by negative influences, but many people are still victim to bad habits. Finding a way to finally quit cigarettes will reduce the odds of developing heart diseases.

Enjoying a better relationship with alcohol, perhaps by adding mocktails to your house party, can bring noticeable change. When you remove bad and excessive habits, the heart will actually repair itself to become even stronger.

Eat Well

Obesity is still one of the biggest causes of heart conditions, and poor nutrition is the leading contributor. In many cases, people wrongly jump for food when they’re thirsty. Therefore, staying hydrated is the first major step to controlling the problem.

Avoid trans fats and excessive sugar to help control blood pressure and cholesterol. This site also provides supplements that are designed to keep your ticker in great condition. Focus on feeding your body the right foods, and your heart will be eternally grateful. Let’s face it; improved energy and physique can only help also.

Poor nutrition can lead to obesity and this won't help your heart
Eating well helps keep your ticker in good condition. Pixabay (CC0) image.

Stay Active

It’s important to raise the heart rate on a daily basis, and exercise is the perfect way to do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start running a marathon.

Cycling and swimming are two low-impact activities that will keep your heart healthy without hurting your knees or ankles. Even if it’s simply going for a walk, an active body will be blessed with a far healthier heart. Moreover, it should encourage a host of other upgrades too.

Remove Stress

Increased heart rates during exercise is a good thing. When resting, though, you want to keep it low. Mental stress puts unnecessary strain on the heart, so finding ways to reduce it will bring positivity to your life.

Taking regular saunas can be a fantastic addition to your weekly routines. More importantly, though, you should find ways to escape toxic relationships. Whether they be with a partner or friends, the negativity on your physical (and emotional) is too much to ignore.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The human body is a very complex thing, and all parts are working together. Problems in one area can lead to problems in another, and the link between oral health and a happy heart is incredible.

Hygiene tips from your dentist can put you on the right pathway to success. Stop the spreading of plaque and harmful items into the bloodstream, and your heart stands a far better chance of staying in great condition. If that, combined with better teeth, doesn’t give you a reason to smile, what will?


Top image: Pixabay, Creative Commons.

14 thoughts on “Ticking Over: Lifestyle Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart”

  1. Thank you for your insightful post on maintaining a healthy heart. The heart is definitely one of the bodies most important features, but surprisingly one that the health of is so often neglected- particularly in women. I was so surprised when I realised that heart disease is the largest killer of Australian women and that it is largely preventable! As a woman myself, who had not received much education about heart disease, this was a startling realisation. Your article provides many fantastic tips and some great advice about how we can protect our hearts, not smoking and staying active can make a remarkable difference to your hearts health and isn’t the link between heart health and oral hygiene remarkable! LoveYourHeart thanks you for your fantastic article about heart health, it is so important to start and continue the conversation about the largest killer of Australian women.

    1. Thank you kindly for stopping here to provide this extra information about heart health, particularly as it applies to women, from an Australian perspective. I will be over to your site this week to find out more about how you re helping spread words about health and, in the meantime, I wish you all the best!

  2. The link between the teeth and the heart is interesting, Christy. I need to stress less as sometimes I get chest pains. When I was pregnant with Michael, my Doctor said that his fast heart beat was a result of my stress.

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