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If your health worsens, or your partner gets sick, what to do?

Health worsens?

Although we’d all like to hope that our health stands the test of time and is at its best for as long as possible, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Even when you have a healthy lifestyle and look after yourself, some things are out of your hands. So, if your health or that of a loved one worsens, what are you to do? Whether you’re the one that is ill, or you want to support your partner when they have an illness, panic often sets in. If you’re unsure how to handle this life-altering scenario, this guide can help you and your family.

Take a step back

First of all, take a step back. Although you are likely scared and feeling all kinds of emotions, you’re going to need to try and be objective. At least for a short time, if possible.

You need to be able to step away and assess the situation fully. By looking at things in this distant way, you may find that it becomes a part of what you need to do regularly.

If you need to do anything at all, that is. But it always helps to have those few moments of clarity to reflect on how things are now and have changed over time.

If your health worsens, speak with a medical specialist

From there, with perspective, you can then act rationally. Depending on what the health issues are, you may want to speak to a specialist.

Dealing with your usual doctor may make you feel comfortable, yes, but if they aren’t likely skilled or experienced in what it is that you’re suffering from now. So, you will be doing your health, or your partner’s health, a disservice.

Ask your family doctor for a referral to a specialist who can create a custom treatment plan. You might also do some research yourself.

For example, consider reading doctor reviews online to find out what past patients think of them. All of this will help lead you to the best doctor for the specific illness, which means getting advice or treatment going forwards.

On the other hand, a virtual urgent care visit can be a great solution when you don’t have time to visit a doctor or specialist. With online visits, you can get help for many common illnesses and injuries without leaving your home. You can also avoid long wait times at the doctor’s office or urgent care clinic.

Virtual urgent care can be a convenient and affordable option for many people. In most cases, you will pay a co-pay that is the same as if you were to see your doctor in person. You may also have the option to pay a per-visit fee, which can be lower than the cost of an in-person visit. In addition, many insurance plans cover virtual visits, so check with your provider to see if your plan covers online care.

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Check with your insurance

Next, take a look at your current health insurance if your health worsens or your partner’s condition worsens. Not only are you going to want to look through this information to find out where you stand, but you may also want to speak to your insurers to ensure the coverage fits the current situation.

Picking a health insurance plan is crucial because you need to make sure you have the right coverage. If not, you need to speak to your insurers to see what the next course of action should be.

Ask for legal advice if your health worsens

At this point, you may also want to speak to someone for a bit of advice. Depending on the illness you or your partner has, you may be due some funds through legal action. Whether it’s a traumatic brain injury, an accident, or something terminal, just ask.

Speaking to a professional and asking those questions can help. And if you don’t ask, you’ll never know what you’re entitled to, either.

Just be there

And finally, above all else, you need to be there for a sick partner. Whether your loved one is temporarily sick or terminally ill, you need to be able to comfort them and support them by just being there.

If it’s you that is suffering from whiplash or another medical condition, then you need to slow down. Take some time out if your health worsens and let yourself rest. It’s vital if you want to heal.


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33 thoughts on “If your health worsens, or your partner gets sick, what to do?”

  1. Not to loose humor is also very important. I have a very rare muscle desease and one of my favorite motto is “Laughing is the most elegant way to show fate your teeth.” ;-)

  2. Great post Christy! By being there is one of the most important things you can do as a friend or family member. Sometimes you feel that you may be a burden and not much help but in reality just being there and giving them does wonders! 😊

  3. Pertinent observations on a topical issue, Christy. Following healthy practices is all that one can do as part of things under ine’s control, and then hope for the best. The lucky ones make it all the way to late eighties and even early nineties sans major hiccups whereas lives of others begin to be punctuated with health problems. Best thing is, as you say, may be to step back and reassess the situation. Things could have been worse than the predicament one may be in. The key may also be to become mindful of destination that is closing in and persist with the journey as stoically as possible.

    1. We all have our own journey to lead, indeed, Raj.. some seem to get more challenges than other people but I think those who are given tougher battles are those that God thinks can make it through xx It’s a blessing in a way.. that’s my view <3 Thanks for your visit

  4. I’m fortunate that my extended health care plan covers optical as well. We Canadians are very fortunate that serious injury or illness will not result in bankruptcy – nor will the cost of health insurance. Great post, Christy!

    1. That’s great about your optical needs being covered, John! I’m self-employed so I’ve had to adjust re lack of benefits.. Thank you for being here :)

  5. It is so disappointing that people generally do not have the opportunity to relax and sleep a lot despite pure health condition. We take a lot of drugs, but we can not let our organism heal itself because we go on with stress and strain.

  6. Fortunately, in Canada we have universal health care. However, there are certain things not covered in our national health care agenda.
    Prescription drugs is one of those things. I have an “Extended Health Care” plan that is offered by the union I belong to. In this plan 80% of my prescription drug costs are covered.
    Hospital stays: the plan pays for a semi-private room, or for a percentage of a private room.
    Dental is another. There is no dental coverage in our Canadian health agenda. The extended plan I am on covers 80% of dental costs up to $2,000 per year.
    Then there are Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and more that are covered in varying percentages.
    What gets my goat is that neither the National Health Care or my Extended Health Care covers Optical Care. My eyes cost me a fortune every year.
    There is no end to our medical needs, even when we are healthy.

    1. That’s quite true, Resa. You could write a post on that very topic! Thanks for your added info about here in Canada. I tend to provide U.S. info as that is the majority of the readers to this particular blog. You keep shining, dear you!

    2. I figured you were providing American info, but hey, Universal Health Coverage is something I wish for everyone and all my friends. I consider Americans my friend, always have. :D
      So many things to write about!
      I do feel a woman centered guest post welling up in me!

    3. Resa, yes, by all means provide a guest post as you like, when you like :) Email me if you ever have an idea you want to share. Love you!

  7. As my wife, and I haves been faced with continual illnesses, the message you deliver relates to what we both endure together. Thanks for sharing, all the points you make are so very true, and we deal with it all a day at a time, and pray often! Hugs and blessings!

  8. More wonderful advice here Christy.. I know when my hubby got very ill in ’09, It really knocks you six. Thankfully here in the UK we do not have health insurances to look into.. So that is one pressure not upon our shoulders..
    Sending LOVE and warm hugs.. Along with Good Health and Happiness xxx <3

    1. Hi Sue, oh I didn’t know your health system was different like that. I’m glad that wasn’t something you had to worry about. May you now enjoy a healthy retirement and keep up the great garden ;) Love you! <3

    2. We pay National Insurance Contributions a percentage of what we earn.. SO the more you earn the more is taken.. This all goes to NHS.. National Health Service and towards our Pensions when we retire .. Health care is free, unless you choose to pay privately.. Prescriptions of Drugs is subsidised and we pay a set price for each prescription unless you are exempt and on benefits or over 60 yrs of age in which case they are free..

      Dentists are also under the NHS.. but again their are private practices.. And again there are certain charges for check ups fillings and extractions that are set prices in the NHS..
      So compared to Canada and USA we are most fortunate.

      Many thanks.. Love and Blessings xxx <3

    3. Oh I see now more about how your system in the UK works, and thanks for the added details, Sue. I think it’s wonderful that you take stock of how fortunate you are… many people get caught up and lose sight.. gratitude is beautiful <3

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