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Family Options For Single Women


Not everyone is lucky in love, and some women end up reaching their late thirties still single. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, and the majority of older single women are very happy with their lives and relationship status. However, the question about children can often weight on their minds.

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Female fertility starts to drop off over the age of forty. Past this age, it can be very difficult to conceive naturally. So, there is no wonder that many older single women start to consider raising a child on their own while they are still able to conceive. As they don’t have a partner, though, they need to think about their options. Here are some of the best.

Mom, child, and happiness

Single women have several conception options. Here are the top ones. Pixabay image, free for commercial use.

Sperm Donation

Lots of single women consider finding a sperm donor. There are various ways you can go about this, but the most common is to sign up to an agency that will pair you up with potential anonymous donors. You then get a list of each donor’s’ personality traits and physical characterizations and can then choose one to fertilize your eggs with. Lots of women like this option as the sperm donor is completely anonymous and doesn’t have to be a part of the child’s life.


You might like the idea of signing up to a surrogacy agency and going down the surrogacy route. This is an especially popular option for women who can’t get pregnant themselves for various reasons. You just need to find a surrogate who will carry the baby for you. When couples choose this option, they often fertilize their own eggs, and these are then planted into the surrogate mother’s womb. As a single woman, you might need to find a sperm donor, as mentioned above.

Read the first handbook for the rapidly growing number of American women choosing single motherhood, written by the director of the national organization, Single Mothers by Choice.


If either of the above options aren’t possible, you might want to think about adopting a child. This is an easy way to become a parent without having to go through pregnancy. Because of this, many women who have good careers choose to adopt so that they don’t have to take a long time off work for the pregnancy. You can choose the age of the child you adopt, so whether you want a newborn baby or a ten-year old is entirely up to you. However, you should bear in mind that babies are often in demand, so you might have to wait a fairly long time until one is ready for you.

Freezing Eggs

If you like the idea of becoming a parent naturally in a few years’ time but are worried that you might lose your fertility before then, you can always freeze your eggs. Your eggs are removed from you, frozen at very low temperatures and then thawed out whenever you decide to use them. They will need to be fertilized by the sperm in a test tube before being implanted back into your womb.

So, just because you are single, there is no reason to think that you will never have a family. There are plenty of options available!



  1. settleinelpaso August 1, 2017

    Thank you for writing an article of great impact. I retweeted and shared on StumbleUpon. Have a wonderful day.

    1. settleinelpaso August 1, 2017

      I meant, thanks for writing this article on a topic of great impact, just like all the topics you picked for your other posts.

    2. Christy B August 1, 2017

      You are so kind. Appreciate the shares too!

  2. Vanessa Daniela August 1, 2017

    Great article!! Sharing.
    Christy, thank you for your support. I really appreciated it.

    1. Christy B August 1, 2017

      I feel the same way, Vanessa. xx

  3. paulliverstravels August 1, 2017

    I’ve had some Vietnamese women friends tell me that they are tired of waiting for a quality guy and some women there just have a baby on their own. One of the biggest differences between walking the streets of Hanoi compared to Nanjing was that in Hanoi a lot more men were loitering in street cafes drinking tea or coffee while playing chess or chatting.

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      It enables women to take the power into our hands if there’s not a suitable partner. Thanks Paul!

  4. Resa August 1, 2017

    I’ve often thought adoption could be rewarding.

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      Providing them a more stable life than the system…

  5. Zoolon August 1, 2017

    In a world falling apart, what with war destroying families in the Middle East and all places east and west, making adoption an easy thing for both straight, gay and aliens from outer space even, is something governments should make easier than it is. Made easier, maybe it would fulfill the dreams of parents in waiting.

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      Fulfilling dreams, now that makes me smile :)

  6. An Tony'M August 1, 2017

    Très bon sujet.
    Bonne journée Christy.

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      Thank you, Tony. Wishing you a lovely day!

    2. An Tony'M August 2, 2017

      Coucou Christy,
      You too spends a beautiful day.
      I like when you cross to say hello to me.
      Take good care of you.

    3. Christy B August 3, 2017

      That’s very nice :) Take care too, Tony

  7. D. Wallace Peach August 1, 2017

    It’s great that there are options now, and so much of the stigma is gone whatever a woman decides – not everywhere, but in many places. Slowly, slowly we are getting there. :-)

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      It’s slow.. but you’re right that we’re moving in a positive direction xx

  8. balroop2013 August 1, 2017

    Surrogacy and egg donation are modern blessings for women, even for couples who face infertility and other such problems. Single mothers can think of these options only if they live in advanced societies. More than 50% of women are still living far away from such opportunities!

    1. Christy B August 2, 2017

      I am all for more options :) Thank you, sweet Balroop

  9. The Chaos Realm August 2, 2017

    Or you can be a pet “mom” LOL

    1. Christy B August 5, 2017

      Haha ;) Bow-wow!

  10. dgkaye August 2, 2017

    Great tips Christy. Women tend to have children later in life in this generation and with so many options it’s viable. :) xx

    1. Christy B August 3, 2017

      So right about women waiting… education and career often come first now xx

    2. dgkaye August 3, 2017

      Empowerment! :) xx

    3. Christy B August 5, 2017

      Exactly!!! xxoo

    4. dgkaye August 6, 2017


  11. sharmisworld August 19, 2017

    Nice post. I have posted few posts on indian women in my blog. You can have a look on them

    1. Christy B August 22, 2017

      I enjoyed checking out your blog today!

    2. sharmisworld August 25, 2017

      Thanks Christy

  12. sharmisworld August 19, 2017

    Nice one

  13. Third Line August 20, 2017

    So, everyone needs someone.

    We are all human.

    It is hard to find the right man if you are a woman.

    It is hard to find the right woman if you are a man.

    But, if we have someone (e.g. child, parent, or friend), then we should be happy.

  14. mterres24 September 16, 2017

    I totally love this post! I’m a single woman myself currently trying to get pregnant using a Sperm donor. It is a huge emotional struggle but so worth it!

    1. Christy B September 18, 2017

      Wishing you all the best!

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