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From Christy, Victoria B.C.

I took several photos on my walks of power boxes painted with lovely art around the city of Victoria, BC. They made me smile with each snap, which is saying quite a bit given they are industrial items to start with ;) I’m fascinated at where we’re seeing art now and so happy to be able to showcase these ones on Resa’s Graffiti Lux and Murals blog. Thanks for having me over today, Resa! Please check out her other posts while you’re over there and see some great street art she finds around Toronto :)

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  1. These images are amazing, Christy. Here in Palo Alto, CA, there are images (e.g., alien spaceship, woman gardening) on many buildings in downtown. If you don’t know they’re there (and even if you do!), it’s a surprise when you turn the corner and come face-to-face with one of them! I’ve been walking here every day for many years, and I still don’t remember where all of them are. It’s always a delight :) ♥

    1. That’s wonderful, Tina! I bet you that Resa would be interested in any photos of the buildings that you have if you contact her via the original post (if that opportunity interests you). I’m loving the unexpected places we see art! Thanks for taking time here :) <3

    2. I’m here and ready for pics! I take mine with my cell phone. No need for a fancy camera!
      We are all very easy going on GLaM! Best to you!

  2. Nice one, CB… I particularly liked the first one… and the last one (6302)
    “Trying to transmit, can you hear me
    Ground control to Major Tom
    Can you hear me all night long”… ;) Hugs!

    1. Hi Aqui, the last one is pretty cute :) It’s like out of a fairy tale book – a whimsical vibe! Yes, I hear you Major Aqui! Great to see you here and will be in private message land this weekend I hope. So busy lately, you know how it is. Love you <3

  3. Dearest Christy,
    I can’t thank you enough for sending in these pics.
    I am so in love with the idea of art for everyone.
    Music has usurped this idea long ago, as musicians play for many, or one or anyone at at one time.
    Art has largely remained in galleries and private collections. Now, against all odds, artists are just painting in the streets to make a name. It’s working, and now some artists make a few corporate dollars painting in the streets for us all. I see a positive evolution here. xoxoxo

    1. Art is found anywhere and everywhere ~ It’s a matter of thinking outside of the “box” ;) I love that this project, as you say, is working around the Canadian cities. I’m thankful to you for the opportunity to showcase the local sights xx

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