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Addiction – The Struggle Is Real

Addiction to meds

Anyone can become addicted if the conditions are right. Although some folks think that people that do get addicted to a particular substance are weak or morally deficient in some way. But that isn’t actually the case. In fact, it’s much more helpful for the person suffering an addiction, and their families to see it as a genuine illness, one that is tough to fight but can be cured. To find out more about addiction and how to overcome it keep reading.

Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is the term used when you stop using whatever substance you have been addicted to completely. Without reducing the dose or using another substance to take the edge off of things.

Can it work? Absolutely, if you have the willpower and motivation to get through what will be a very uncomfortable time. Is, is the best option for you? Well, this is a more complicated question. Maybe you are sick of smoking cigarettes and just want them out of your life? Then yes cold turkey is great, but there are other substances such as alcohol that can be very dangerous to stop using completely, all at once.

Also, consider that the most important thing about quitting is giving you the best chance of long term success, and sometimes cold turkey isn’t the best way of doing this.

Replacement Methods

Also, consider the replacement method of giving up an addiction. These can work in two ways, firstly it can help the person that is addicted take the edge off the suffering they are experiencing without their favored substance.

Secondly, it is postulated that many people become addicts because they have an addictive personality. Meaning it’s not necessary the substance that they are truly addicted too but the act of doing something to deal with their emotional state. This means they can replace a harmful addiction with a less harmful one. While this doesn’t stop them having an addiction, it does improve their health because they are doing less injury to their body and those around them.

Cutting Down

Another way of dealing with an addiction is to slowly reduce the dosage and wean yourself off. This can work well for many forms of addiction, as it’s a more agent process. However, it also takes longer for the substance to be completely out of your system. Something that can cause other problems. For an alcohol addiction, professional help with inpatient or outpatient rehab may be the optimal route.

Cutting down means that you are repeatedly being exposed to the thing that you are trying to give up, which can make it tougher in the beginning without professional assistance. Although for many people the freedom to continue with their addition can perversely help them to become freer from it. As while they are not being denied it, they can achieve the clarity to realize they don’t actually need it in their lives.


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39 thoughts on “Addiction – The Struggle Is Real”

  1. Interesting read! I also have trouble with explanations of addiction based in moral psychology. There is a lot of good evidence substantiating the neurological pathways involved in the craving-reward cycle as well as the weakening of cognitive processes which would normally help someone appreciate the consequences of their substance use behaviours.

  2. As a recovering addict, I too know the struggle. I was addicted to opioid pain killers for nearly five years after a terrible car accident. You can read that story on my blog if you would like. But anyways I started a weekly podcast called “Addictions” available on iTunes and everywhere you find podcasts. I wanted to provide support for anyone affected by addiction. You can listen at

  3. I fear sex and love addiction is more complex as in the majorority of cases you have to go cold turkey from physical intimacy, whick is a natural behaviour amd is part of our DNA. Sex and love addiction completely wired into our emotions, Perversely, you can soon be addicted to the coping mechanisms if it is closely linked to initial addiction where the goal is physical gratification.

  4. I have addiction experience you might find interesting! Cutting down has never worked for me…if the drug is there I will take all of it

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I can relate to everything said. Especially, the part that anybody can become an addict if the conditions are right. Come visit my blog and post on addiction. ~ Bree

  6. Darn right! Excellent post. I am a recovering addict myself. Seven months sober and counting. I recently started my wordpress site to support a weekly podcast that I host called “Addictions” the show is about just that, addictions. I mainly talk about stories of addiction by a big part of the podcast is to correct all of the misinformation out there on the subject.

    I started the podcast because through my five year long battle with addiction I learned so much about the subject and I want to put that knowledge to use and help to educate others on the subject.

    If you get a chance feel free to check out my podcast. I am always eager to hear feedback good or bad. :)

    1. Excellent about your podcast and your goals to inform others about what you’ve learned ~ Wishing you well on this healthy journey! I’ll check out the podcast :)

  7. Loved this! So true that not all can cut down, especially those with addictive personalities. Cold turkey works for many. Old habits die hard, but you’re advice is bang on. :) <3

  8. Given how things played out with my ex, there was no way I could try to maintain compassion for him and the addiction he kept hidden for so many years. Addiction is so scary and so hard to understand, not to mention so prevalent in our society.

  9. Another inspiring post from you, Christy. I like that you focused on cutting down addiction. As you touched upon, it is not easy moving away from what we are addicted with and often we have to try different ways. When we’re addicted to hard substances it can be hard. Admittedly when I take painkillers to relieve body aches like headaches and stomach pains, I try to tell myself to not take too much – and focus on a healthy lifestyle because with a healthy lifestyle we have a clearer mind to make better choices for ourselves, and make recovery from anything a bit more easier :)

    1. Mabel, your reflections on pain meds for stomach or headache pain is spot on. If we don’t rely on them it’s amazing how strong our body can be naturally. I’m sending you a big hug! You leave such thoughtful comments :)

  10. I smoke but not a lot though I really wanted to put a halt on it.. and I did somehow by focusing my self on doing other things. And it’s a matter of discipline as well. And loved this post so much!

  11. I quit smoking a few times – always Cold Turkey, but the last time that didn’t work so I got help from my doctor. That worked and I’ve been smoke-free for 10 years. Happily, I don’t miss it and I never feel the urge. The smell of smoke turns my stomach these days, so I’m happy to live in a smoke-free community. Great post, Christy!

    1. I’m glad to hear you don’t feel the urge any longer, John. I bet it was difficult at first but as with most things the passage of time helps ;) Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

  12. Tim Kim @ Tub of Cash

    Cold turkey is tough for most. Especially with any true addiction, because by definition, it wouldn’t be an addiction if ceasing activity was a breeze! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Agree that replacement of habits we want to change with other rewarding activities seems best, like filling up time with helping others. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. I have heard of a very natural replacement method for stopping smoking, that is to drink water every time you think you want or crave a cigarette. Not sure if it works but may be worth a try.

    Also known a few people who have successfully given up after hypnosis.

    Oh how I need to have a talk with myself on this one.

    It may also be worthwhile considering the modern day, new age addictions, although many would probably not admit to them, I will amalgamate these under the term “gadgets & gizmos”.

    1. There are so many avenues to try, which is good as it means that there is likely a solution for every person who is wonderfully unique. But it can also have consequences if a person tries several methods without noticing improvement.. Oh the two sides of the coin! I had not heard of the water method for cigarette cravings. All natural. I naturally wish you a great evening (you are ahead of me time-wise, I’m at noon now).

  15. I used to smoke for a rather long period, but my third attempt was successful and I have been a non-smoker for 4 years. The time formerly spent smoking became free so I had to find interesting and more healthy activities giving me pleasure. It is very hard because you have to change your whole lifestyle, all your everyday habits will be affected. I don’t think that people without any former addiction could form an opinion about this.

  16. As a addict myself, this post is so true!! It is a continual daily struggle to kick my addiction. Addiction takes so much away from one’s life it’s incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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