Film Quiz: Inspirational Women


This movie quiz from Alex Raphael is a lot of fun. Don’t cheat! I knew 8 of them. Looks like I have some movie viewing to do soon πŸ˜‰ Great to see all of these inspiring women in film. How many did you guess right?


  1. Right off the bat, I knew 5 of them – all my favourite movies:

    Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise
    Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise
    Julia Roberts in the title roles Erin Brockovich
    Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side
    Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures

  2. I think I technically got 6, but if you count the ones I recognised as a film but couldn’t remember the names of the women or the film then it’s 11 (awful memory!) This was fun, and I think films are a great way to identify with and feel empowered by inspirational women of years past and today. x

  3. Oh my lord, what a great great post. It had me at Scarlett O’Hara… But just the other day I was watching the dreadful last Terminator film and bemoaning how very badly Sarah Conner was played and scripted, all modern words for bite me basically on a heroine from the 80s. And I was saying what a fab creation she was and how good Linda Hamilton was in Judgement Day. Wonderful to see this post.

      • Well of course Linda Hamilton dropped out after the first two. But you might say this attempt to write and play her was toe-bunching, is something of an understatement. There are some things you leave alone. The original Terminator is one of them. She was such a great creation, you know the waitress who couldn’t balance her cheque book with the fluffy hair to the mother of the future, hard as nails. And like that I was actually thinking about female roles that have stood out AND then here’s this brilliant post with so many of these parts right there. x

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