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How to Turn Your Creativity into Success

Turn creativity into success

It’s one thing to be creative, but how do we turn that creativity into success? Well, it takes a lot of hard work that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. As long as you put the time and effort into something – anything is possible.

So here’s how to do that.

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To Turn Creativity into Success, You Must Be Patient

Yes, it’s so annoying to be told that, but sometimes we can’t have everything all in one go. Things take time to progress into something big.

It’s important not to let that bring you down or lower your spirits – life just works that way, and once you that, you will be one step closer to getting where you want to be.


Be open to learning from those you surround yourself with. If you reach out to people who inspire you, then you’re likely to learn positive habits from simply being around them.

And never stop finding enjoyment at learning. While you may not go back to college, look up informative videos on YouTube or take a local course at the community center.

Look Around to Turn Creativity into Success

Creative people like these 11 inspiring women artists are very good at observing what is around them, and taking it all in as something useful. They pick up on little details and store them away until they become of use to them.

So to be curious about something is a good thing. The more you want to know – the more you will be able to share.

Play and Daydream

Never lose your inner child. Ever. No matter what any tells you; that’s where the magic was born, and that’s exactly where it will always remain. So it’s important to be able to tap into that whenever you need to, no matter how old you are.

It’s absolutely okay to daydream too. It even helps to get your creative juices flowing, so think about what could be. You can never dream too big.

art consultants to fill your home up with stunning works of art, as you relax in the sun, on a golden beach, thinking about what your next big project will be. Sounds good huh’?

Create Opportunities

It’s all about turning your negatives into positives. Learn from the mistake, don’t throw it out like it was garbage – that failure may just be the reason you have a chance at being successful, so never try and hide it. Instead, embrace your past, and be proud of it. We all started out somewhere right?

By applying your talents and skills to your chosen creative field, you could be one of the many creative freelancers who are making a name for themselves.

There are many creative areas to pursue, including writer, editor, photographer, web designer, graphic designer, and illustrator. If you’re innovative, make it happen!

Are you crafty? Then start to sell your art and other creations on Etsy. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming – and it’s certainly doable. I know people on Etsy who have a steady income. It can all start with an online CreativeLive class on how to set up an Etsy store.

Turn creativity into success

Turn Creativity into Success with Open Mind

Before you make a final decision on something, sit back and have a think about it first. Weigh out the options, no matter how strange or bizarre they may be. Welcome new experiences, even if they scare you. – Who knows what you may discover.

Be a Risk Taker

What’s life without risks?… If your answer is “a boring one,” you’re definitely on the right track. If you don’t take risks, how will you ever know what could have been? You may end up missing out on an awful lot. So think of the worst-case scenario, and if you can deal with that then take the risk.

41 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Creativity into Success”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post – I could really relate to the daydreaming section. Giving yourself space to daydream is vital for creativity. My post today is about creativity in case you have time to look? Have an imaginative day! Sam :)

  2. I’ve read this at a perfect time, as I have just started my own blog and am trying to find ways to use my creativity more. Thank you for providing me with the extra dose of motivation that I need to be patient and keep welcoming new experiences.

  3. Great to read this as I have been off track due to a move. Need the support to tap into my focus, attention, and passion once again. Been writing about the magical effects of honoring your success. No pressure.

  4. This is a very motivational and guiding post. A very optimistic approach to turn creativity into success… I liked it a lot and will surely help me in life… :-)

  5. Hi Christy:
    Great attitude is followed but great writing and doing so with the spirit success will follow. Love the way you have turned up the posting by writing even more…

    Hugs from Alberta

    1. Awwww. I want to pursue my goals and the only way to do so is to go for it!! Thinking of you xx

  6. Being blessed with the ability to create, and following through by actually creating something, is a success on its own. However, we need to eat and pay rent. There may not be an existing market, or a supportive market for what you have a passion to do.
    I am impressed by how many people I know whose creative passion is to make gorgeous one-of-a-kind tea cozys. I’m not sure how big that market is, but I have seen an abundance of that product for sale on line.
    So, be aware that one may need to apply their talents to a related area that one had never considered. As Christy says take the risk. If you hate it, quit and learn from the experience. On another hand, you may find yourself enjoying it, and making a lot of money, Even though it is not your passion fulfilled, you will have enough money to keep up your true pursuit.
    You could make enough money to hire a decent business advisor/strategist to direct you to your own brand of personal success.
    I find often creative people are not the most business minded. That would be me. LOL

    1. Excellent advice, Resa!! Thank you for taking time to share that as it really is important to keep in mind there are bills to pay. I make the majority of my income from business writing and then creative writing is what I do on the side as I’m not able to make a full-time income at it. All is writing but, as you say, we have to put a spin on it so we can pay for groceries at the end of the day ;) Sage advice you give. Have a wonderful night <3

    1. Let’s keep pushing boundaries, Rebecca! Your photos and chosen quotes resonate with so many of us xx

    1. Thanks, Syl! Your poss lately have been very creative so YOU have the flow in you right now!!

    1. Thank you for the reads today! I enjoyed what I found today at your blog too :)

  7. Love this post, it’s very encouraging and serves as a great reminder for when we get caught up in life and stresses and forget to play and value creativeness over money/achievements etc.x

    1. Yes! I wish more people would value creativity. Thank you for your posts too xx

  8. I’ve realized that for me, success means not trying to monetize creativity, but to cherish it and keep it for myself.

    1. Great that you find it mirrors your own path to success with photography! Thank you :)

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