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The Common Plights That Must Be Fought

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There is a host of all-too-common plights that take their toll on people worldwide every single day. These plights, such as general illnesses, injuries, and other ailments, are things that are widely accepted as being normal. They are widely accepted as being just a bit of a nuisance rather than a serious affliction.

But it doesn’t mean they should be accepted just because they are normal and aren’t altogether too serious. Nothing that induces any pain or discomfort should be accepted, no matter how little the pain or discomfort is. Below you can find a few ways to beat the most common problems that we humans face every single day.

Looking for Relief from IBS

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is one of the most common problems facing the world over; it is also one that should be fought at all times. It induces painful and uncomfortable situations for those that are stricken with it. It can induce big health changes for those that it affects. And it can bring about embarrassing situations for them too.

So, if you were to ever be faced with any of these instances caused by IBS, then you should seek to fight them. You should seek to fight IBS to retain the standard of health that you deserve. And you should do this despite how serious you think the condition is or how embarrassing you think getting it sorted may be. To sort it, make sure to head to There you will find advice, remedies, and facts that will help you fight this all-too-common plight that need not be a plight any longer.

Migraines: Another Common Plight

And another plight that falls into the category of common and easily preventable is migraines. Those that are stricken with this plight will know exactly what they induce. They make everyday activities ten times harder. They can ruin every moment of the day, from when those stricken wake up in the morning to when they go to sleep at night.

Because of this, migraines are a plight that you should most definitely fight. And to fight them is easier than it may seem. They can even be fought naturally. Over-the-counter medication does, of course, help. But medication is only part of the story.

To truly fight migraines, you have to do natural things such as find a calm, dark environment. By doing so, you will be able to protect your eyes — the things that act as receptors and play a big role in stemming migraines — from the things they react to. Migraines increase when subjected to light and sound, so find a dark room and rest them off!

You Deserve Health and Happiness

Everybody wants to feel good. Everybody deserves to feel good. So, stop accepting the things that make you feel bad, no matter how insignificant you deem them, and fight them. Only when you do this will you be able to truly attain the standard of life that you so deserve.


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20 thoughts on “The Common Plights That Must Be Fought”

  1. You are so right Christy. We all have to be proactive with our health. I am a huge advocate for being proactive, it’s saved my husband’s and my own life many times over. I also suffer with IBS – Chrohn’s disease actually. Unfortunately there are different symptoms for different people and some chronic while some are acute to exasperating. Indeed these people shouldn’t suffer, although there is no cure for Chrohn’s/ Colitis, there are many avenues available to help calm flare ups and discomfort. If I didn’t have the most amazing naturopath in the world (IMHO) I don’t know where I’d be now. <3 Lol you're probably laughing, but I'm a survivor girl. I've been around the hospital circuit too many times. :) xxx

    1. Great to hear these wise words from you and to know that you are feeling better now.. I want to think of you as healthy and happy :)

    2. Thanks sweet girl. That’s my intention. We must focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. The universe is listening. :) xoxo

  2. Cayenne pepper capsules alternated with Feverfew also help alleviate migraines. Good advice here, Christy. I can see you with your own “Ask Christy” newspaper column ♥

  3. The most important advice from the few I have known who suffer migraines is…heed the warnings & get to a dark quiet room. Lay down and breath.One of my friends, who I lived with,would grab one of my cats. She said the purring was better than any drug.

    1. You know what, I hadn’t heard about the use of a cat to soothe before. A recent post highlighted teddy bears. I say thumbs up to a natural drug-free remedy!

  4. Used to suffer from allergies every summer and it just got better overtime. Every once in a while it resurfaces. Enjoying the health tips, Christy!

    1. Wow, you’re lucky Syl as I’ve heard that for many people the allergies worsen as they age. Your support is awesome :)

  5. Hi Christy,

    Thank you for sharing some ways to reduce the symptoms of these plights with natural ingredients and ways to control your environment. Smiles and hugs.

    1. Thanks for appreciating the words here, Linnea. I hope you have had a productive writing day too :)

  6. Hi Christy… As you know I get my fair share of Migraines. The triggers for mine are barometric pressure changes. I live in an area that is susceptible to variations. I can tell you 2 days in advance before it even happens. I have learned to live with them and yes a dark room works without lights. The only thing I have found that is working is higher doses of Vitamin D and Magnesium. The interesting part while I was on the west coast the past few years I never had a migraine.
    Great article and I agree we should never allow the pain to control our lives, there is help if you research…

    Hugs from Flatland

    1. Hi Rolly, interestingly I found out today more about those pressure changes you feel. It’s because the air outside of the bone feels different than the air inside it. Makes sense, right?! It’s good for boaters who want to predict the weather to stay out of a storm’s way! I think that if the migraines aren’t coming to you on the west coast then you ought to get back here :)

  7. I’ll add one: Seasonal allergies. My throat has been killing me for days, making me super cranky. And I have known for years that taking an oregano capsule every day prevents allergies (and sinus headaches), so my current pain is my own fault. Needless to say, I bought some online and am eagerly awaiting the UPS person’s arrival.

    1. OH! C’mon UPS, c’mon! I’m hoping you feel better soon. Seasonal allergies are truly another one, as you say. That reminds me of a related point for a future post..

    2. Thank you, Christy! As it turns out, it was a cold that I was treating like allergies (because of course). So Zicam and the oregano oil (which arrived on Friday and wards off colds, too) are helping, but I have the cold a lot longer than I would have if I’d treated it like what it was to begin with. (That gives *me* an idea for a future post about relationships, lol…)

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