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A Popular New Year’s Resolution From a New Perspective

Are You Ringing in 2017 with the Resolution to Lose Weight?

As we head into 2017, I think it’s important to discuss New Year’s resolutions, as many people make them. They are typically areas where people think they can make improvements in their lives. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. Rather than focusing on this goal, though, let’s be thankful for, well, being able to have ample food to eat. Here’s what I mean.

The popularity of the Resolution to Lose Weight

Making Improvements: Is Shedding Weight the Goal?
Weight Loss is a Popular New Year’s Resolution.

The end of the year is not just a time for going to parties and enjoying time with family and friends. It is also when many folks reflect on what they have done during the year and what to modify in the New Year.

According to the data collected by the University of Scranton and the Journal of Clinical Psychology, which was shared on Statistic Brain, the top resolution for 2016 was to shed excess pounds. I am almost certain that the same resolution will be near the top of the list of changes to make for 2017 for a lot of people.

Rather than resolve to do so, though, I encourage you to look instead at this popular New Year’s 2017 resolution in a new way.

Turning the Weight Loss Resolution on its Head

Instead of focusing on taking off weight, why not instead be thankful for having enough food to eat each day? Think of the people who are starving, not just in third-world countries but also in the same city or town where you live right now.

By looking at the problem of overeating during the year and, especially, during the holidays, from this viewpoint then you can certainly see that you would be more grateful for having food in your cupboards and a full stomach as you drift off to sleep at night.

Is Weight Loss Your New Year's Goal?
A New Way of Looking at a 2017 Resolution.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Also, if the reason that you want to slim down in 2017 is to be more content with who you are, I encourage you to celebrate your body instead. Please understand I’m not saying you needn’t continue with a weight loss goal as doing so can certainly improve your general health and help you feel more energetic. Instead, what I mean is that the weight loss goal you set for the New Year shouldn’t be for the primary purpose of loving yourself.

In fact, when you love and accept yourself then you are more likely to succeed at slimming down. Rather than looking at your body’s imperfections, I encourage you to look at the amazing machine that is the human body. Life is too short to beat ourselves up over every calorie consumed. Instead, be present and enjoy the moment. Be thankful you have enough food to eat ♥

I wish you a wonderful New Year ahead!


71 thoughts on “A Popular New Year’s Resolution From a New Perspective”

  1. It is a fact that we ladies are often on a heavy side. I do my best, but it doesn’t work as I want. I visit my daughter in the US twice a year, and it is where I always lose weight because they eat healthy. At home, the pounds come back and bring a few more. Sigh. When I was young I used to be very tiny.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story here, Inese. I love that you are continuing to share your photos and travels with us on your blog as it provides a wonderful means of escape for us readers. Regardless of our size, we will continue to smile and try out best in life.. HUGS for you on this Sunday

  2. Christy, we had so much food at our family Christmas dinner that we couldn’t even eat it all… as usual.

    I went on Facebook that day and saw a comment from one of my Nigerian friends who said something like “comment here if you don’t have enough rice to eat and let’s all cry together.”

    I was heartbroken.

    Here we were, with too much food (and good food, too! – cabbage rolls, perogies, turkey and stuffing, etc.) and here was a guy who was literally starving.

    I ended up commenting on his post, asking him if he needed food, to which he replied, “Yes.”

    I privately messaged him. He claimed he had just lost his apartment because he couldn’t pay the rent.

    He was staying at a church. For free. Until he could sort out his life again.

    I felt so guilty. I cried.

    I must note that I am about 12K in debt. But I still couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do SOMETHING.

    I ended up sending him some money.

    I had never done this before, and I don’t know if I will ever do it again, but I wanted to buy him Christmas dinner. NO ONE should go without – ever – but especially at Christmas!

    He said that I sent him enough to last him at least 3 weeks. I sent him 4 times the amount I was originally going to send him. I had to. It was the only way I could live with myself.

    As you know from some of my Facebook posts, I have been trying to lose weight since June 2015. I lost a total of 69 pounds. I gained about 25 back.

    I’ve stopped trying to lose weight. I’ve given myself permission to love myself for who I am. I will lose more weight when the weather changes and I am able to walk outside again without feeling pain in my bad leg.

    I know I have not been in touch with you for a long time… Miss Dancing Queen!

    But I came across a post that linked to your poetry site and I ended up here because of your previous offer to have me guest post again.

    I’m not wanting to do that just yet, but I will likely do it after I finish writing my current book, From NOPE to HOPE: How to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts and Live a Happier Life.

    I hope that is okay with you!

    I also wanted to share my experiences with you, here, after reading this post.

    I hope this comment finds you happy and well… and still dancing! ;)

    Continue to inspire others, my friend. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out.

    And a lovely poet, too. :)

    1. Oh Lorraine, sweet Lorraine! Thank you for bringing this comment to my attention as I fear I would have missed it otherwise – it had been sent to the Spam folder (maybe because of the length?) and was sitting amidst over 1000 spammy comments.. I got it here now, right where it belongs xx

      I cannot thank you enough for sharing your words here and, in essence, your heart… Like you, my heart breaks for those who do not have enough food. One year I volunteered at a shelter serving Christmas dinner and it was eye-opening to say the least. Being homeless can happen to any of us.. and that’s reason to be grateful for a roof over our heads at night…

      You continue to inspire ME so I am honored that you wrote that you felt similar to what I feel about you.. I am humbled by your words of support for me and you have no idea how much I needed to hear them right now.

      The offer to guest post is always going to be open to you as you are my friend and you have stood tall through so much. Your upcoming book sounds amazing and I am proud of you for the strength it must take to be writing on that subject matter. It will require opening up wounds and please know I’m only a message away on FB or email if you need me.

      I’m sure I speak for your Nigerian friend and many others when I say you have an amazing heart and we are all blessed to know you xx Thank you for your comment <3 HUGS

    2. I am glad you found it! Lol. Damn spam!

      Yes… writing my book is hard. But I am not giving up. I know it will be valuable to others.

      Also I am so happy I could comfort you.

      Thank you for the open-ended offer too!

      I love you, girl.

      Stay strong. Heal. I am also only a FB message away!!! <3

    3. Yes, how dare WP put you in the Spam folder!! LOL!

      You are beautiful!! Inside and out – just as you wrote to me. I’m thankful for the friendship and knowing we can be there for one another. Knowing that is reason to smile. Love you too <3

  3. Christy, I like what you wrote and admire many of the comments here. A compilation of all the ideas is probably the best way to greet the new year!
    I must not have commented but felt I had read your post and responded. So sorry and hope we will start a new year (nearly one month in. Yikes! ) more aware of our healthy practices, food, exercise, no smoking not over drinking. . . Using our minds more, too.

    1. As you say Robin it’s about increasing self-awareness in all aspects of life xx I’m still learning how to do that but life is a process, right.. ;) I’m grateful for your friendship!

  4. I totally agree with you on this, Christie. I’ve just been reading the famous Happiness Now book, and it talks a lot about accepting yourself. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, as well as gratitude which at first seemed like too much of a religious or new age concept, but I’ve tried to increase my sense of gratitude lately, and it seems like some good things have happened as a result.
    This reminds me too of Eat Pray Love, where Elizabeth gains some weight after eating all that delicious food in Italy, but she doesn’t feel too bad about it because as she puts it “there is now more of me in the world.”

    1. I love that you are reading about Happiness and think it’s a great way to start the year. I am told I am a grateful person but I think it’s more just being conscious of what’s around me. I hope you are doing well, C xx

  5. Nice perspective, something to always remember for sure. I think this approach can help people like me who are either gaining weight or loosing. When I start to loose weight I take a spartan approach to see the results faster. Rather than agonizing over each calorie, I have realized It is going to be a lifestyle change to reach my goals. And that can take however long. I dont have to be either gaining or loosing but taking steps to loose at a sustainable rate

    1. Oh yes, but women have it tougher because of the beauty cult that has long been associated to women and obesity challenges it, well at least in western culture, because some European cultures don’t place emphasis on that. French painter Renoir loved plump women.

  6. Love this! Loving ourselves where we are is the best start to making any changes to ourselves. If our minds are full of negative thinking we won’t be able to look past it to make changes. #51lbsDown!

    1. Reframing the mind is such good advice and I thank you for the wonderful comment ~ Keep going on your journey!

  7. Happy New Year, Christy! Your wonderful, positive outlook is refreshing and inspirational. I have a friend who dreads working out, but she loves to dance. I suggested she just turn on the music and dance to her favorite songs as she’s cleaning house. So far, she’s having fun! It’s all in the way you approach life.

    Thanks for your gentle reminders to find peace and contentment in ourselves. You are a sweet inspiration, dear Christy — I think more than you really know. 💖💐

    1. I love, love, love this comment, Rose. You really got the essence of this post and that means so much to me <3

  8. Hi Christy, I like your take on controlling body weight from a loving perspective. I know I eat too much and should shed a few kilos. The question for me is “Do I overeat because I enjoy eating and love myself?” or “Do I overeat because I hate myself and food provides me with pleasurable comfort?” What do you think? Very often, in the evening, I just can’t stop stuffing food in my mouth. Big SIGH!

    1. Ahhh, I think different people have different motivation for eating and only you know why.. but sometimes food in itself is just so tasty that we can’t stop ;)

  9. I’ve resolved to, yes, lose weight in 2017 but, overwhelmingly, I have to look beyond weight loss. If I’m not taking care of my whole self (mental, physical and spiritual), the weight loss is meaningless.

  10. Mon objectif principale, ce n’est pas de perdre du poids mais de rester en bonne santé en essayant de manger sainement et équilibrer et en sachant me faire de petits plaisir sans culpabiliser !
    Je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2017 ;)
    à bientôt, Val

  11. Well……I do need to lose some weight but getting healthier & fitter is my goal next year….
    Eat drink & be merry everyone…
    Happy new year 😄

  12. This is a great reminder of what is really important. I love the lay-out of your post. It’s so clean and easy to read. Best wishes for the New Year and may 2017 have lots of pleasant surprises for you.:)

    1. Thanks Carol for appreciating not only the words but also the post layout. I hope your 2017 is full of smiles, love, and continued writing successes :)

  13. Sage advice my friend. Loving ourselves begins from within. Weight management should become a lifestyle so we don’t constantly feel as though we’re on the diet wagon and our bodies adapt to better eating habits. :) Happy, healthy New Year to you my friend. <3 :)

    1. Wonderful what you say about weight being about management rather than dieting :) You are wise, dear friend. All the best for 2017!! <3

  14. I turned 80 earlier this month. I am grateful that I maintain my weight and that I am strong and healthy. I accept and enjoy the special blessings I receive as a woman of a special age. It wasn’t easy to arrive at this stage of acceptance but well worth it. :)

    1. I think some women never reach that stage of self-acceptance that you speak of. And for that you should be so proud :) Happy belated birthday, by the way!!

  15. Wise words from a wise soul. :) Honestly, I have never once “dieted.” I never believed that starving yourself was the answer. Instead, I try to look in the mirror and thank myself for the work I’ve done and continue to do and then work on loving myself as I am. I’ve done this for a long time. THEN, if there’s something I want to work on – to make it look better or help me feel better – then I adapt those changes little by little into my own life. Oh boy, I’m not perfect, but I’ve never been one to focus on resolutions. It’s more like at any point in the year, there’s no day like today to get started on loving and improving. Hehe.
    Sending hugs!

    1. How refreshing to hear that you have never dieted. Sadly I think you’re in the minority, at least amongst women in North America. As for not being perfect, it would be boring to be perfect, I think ;) Let’s keep loving ourselves and those around us! Hugging back <3

  16. Beautifully said, Christy. I agree with Aquileana in that there are different degrees of overweight but even if some of us are overweight, we do not need to beat up ourselves over it. Every curve is a shape and the first step to gaining self confidence is accepting this, accepting our body and then pacing ourselves to making a better us. Nothing usually happens overnight, and if we want to change our body we have to change our mind too – and sometimes that involves surrounding ourselves with more positive people to guide us along the way :)

    1. Wonderful words, Mabel! Being secure in oneself can be a challenge for many women – and men – so let’s do our best to accept our curves and be ourselves :) Hugs

  17. I believe in acceptance of ourselves as we are and within that trying to live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. I understand where you are coming from. Have a healthy, happy and inspiring 2017, my friend!

    1. So nice to be understood :) There’s comfort in that, isn’t there? And I wish you a wonderful 2017 ahead too! Bring on the writing!

  18. As in the US, obesity in the UK is becoming a real problem nowadays, and I’m sure that to lose weight will be a top resolution here, too. Most of us in the ‘richer’ countries have food in abundance, and we allow so much to go to waste. Obesity is a serious threat to health and really does need dealing with, and I think your advice in “Don’t beat yourself up” regarding accepting and loving yourself first, is a good way to go about it. I also agree there are many unrealistic goals set to urge people to be slim. Size zero (as many models are) is not a healthy or realistic size to aim for, but we need to feel comfortable and be healthy with the bodies we have
    A thought-provoking and thoughtful post, Christy. :)

    1. Thanks for the insights you provide here, Millie. Great point about not wanting to obtain an unhealthy zero weight. Being realistic is important. Hugs

  19. So, quitting smoking has been replaced by shedding weight. Both are health issues. Health issues seem to be a constant theme.
    I suppose we all want to be around as long as possible to love who we love.
    I like your take on the issue of the overweight, Christy.
    I think the pressure we put on ourselves to lose weight, adds stress. Stress creates a need to escape: into food, drugs, alcohol. However, expanding on that thought, why not escape into: being thankful (as you point out), or art or music?

    As Aquileana points out, “That top resolution is probably from USA, (North America?)”.
    Yes, we live in the land of plenty. An overall view of the world is sobering.

    Perhaps resolutions are too, stressful.Perhaps we should just say “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, peace and love.

    1. Oh that stress, it never quite goes away, does it? At least there is a “good” kind of stress, the one that motivates us to complete projects after procrastinating on it (I speak from experience!) ~ I’m joining you now in words of peace and love for the New Year <3

  20. Your post is a reminder that most of have an abundance. When I grocery shop I am amazed at all the choices I have and can buy whatever I want without worrying about going over a budget (it was no so easy when I was a single mother years ago!). Yet I do avoid the sweets to keep my weight down. I agree that we must accept our bodies but do what we can to be at least as healthy as we can. Husband has vowed to loss weight this year for health reasons so I am trying to cut back also. We do give to the local food bank and Salvation Army food pantry as there is still a need for the basics for some families.

  21. A great discussion. Isn’t it interesting that the top resolution is about taking care of ourselves, which is a good place to begin. I am looking forward to the many wonderful conversations in 2017. Every day is amazing. Hugs.

    1. Yes, it seems common sense to take care of ourselves but many of us overlook it.. I find it so easy to put others first but am doing my best to recognize I have just as much value as others xx

  22. Good points. But being ‘fat’ could be such a burden to people, in a much heavy way than overweight…
    That top resolution is probably from USA, (North America?). We know that Obesity has become a sort of major issue in US… Probably in other countries it is not even in the ranking. (And not always poor countries) …
    That being said, I think trying to look better is a good thing. Many fat people or people with some extra weight, don’t love or accept themselves or are bullied hence have low self steem… or have health problems and when the new year is about to start they make plans to change that.
    Of course, there are always different degrees of overweight, anyway, I am guessing that of them could be tough to carry on. But overall from a First world country the ‘resolution’ could sound quite ironic, I agree with you. It has to do with excess most times and some people don’t have that ‘chance’ … Thanks for sharing Chris. 😉 sending much love

    1. Great points here, Aqui, and if you look through the post comments there are many mentions to your insightful words here. Thanks for your support here and for always adding new views to keep the conversation going :) Love you!

  23. Hi Christy… great article and I agree fully with you. Society has set unrealistic standards for people. That desire to become something you are not has been deeply rooted in peoples minds. I agree we are very blessed to have all we have. For me it is not so much how much I eat as what I eat. Ok I will fess up I do like my treats like my DQ Blizzards on occasion but I think if we are more aware of what we eat weight gain becomes secondary as it takes care of itself.

    Hugs as always

  24. I think your post is a way for people to accept themselves as being over-weight, but there are many health conditions associated with being over weight.

    I’ve been making a weigh loss resolution for over 20 years now and I will make it again this year; but, I would not like to see where I would be if I had not even tried those past 20 years. This year “I am going to lose weight” :)

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