A Women’s Parliament

Today Resa and I unveil post #2 of Nellie McClung week. Please head to the original post at Resa’s Graffiti Lux and Murals blog to see the Winnipeg mural of Nellie and her fellow suffragists, which has been photographed so well by Resa. Learn about the history of women’s rights in Canada and more. Thank you Resa for being such a great partner in this week-long collaboration! Our third post will publish Friday at When Women Inspire. ♥

Graffiti Lux and Murals

On January 28, 1914, Nellie McClung starred as Manitoba’s suspender snapping and cigar smoking Premier, in a mock parliament at the Walker Theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

This is Post two of “Nellie week” presented by Christy Birmingham of When Women Inspire & I.

The previous day, January 27, 1914, Nellie and many women of the Political Equality League met with Premier Roblin and the legislative body to request the vote for women.

img_4761 Artist: Mandy van Lueewen

Premier Roblin condescended. He said, “I believe woman suffrage would break up the home and send women to mix up in political meetings.”

Artist: Mandy van Lueewen Artist: Mandy van Lueewen

This prompted a guerilla “mock parliament” wherein women had the vote, but not men. It was added to that night’s showing of  How They Won The Vote“, a play originally produced in London. It was adapted to fit Winnipeg in 1914.

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31 thoughts on “A Women’s Parliament

  1. This is so exciting! I can’t think of a better home for “Nellie Week” than here on “When Women Inspire”!
    Christy, it is so fab working with you! ❤ ❤
    (Hope I find another special mural)

    • We’re so glad to have you here! By learning about the determined women of the past, hopefully females now and in the future will keep fighting for what they believe in xx

  2. A wonderful collaboration, Christy, between yourself and Resa; bringing with it very important issues that continue to face the world of to-day. Slowly, equality between the sexes, in some parts of our world, has a great foot-hold; though, it is only by constant monitoring and lobbying that keeps the momentum progressing forward.
    Well done to both of you…

    • TY, Carolyn. Your intellect and support mean everything. It’s so exciting collaborating with Christy. Now, I’m looking for women’s murals and Street Art everywhere I go, and OMG, I think I saw a Queen Victoria piece today! I would have got off the street car, but it’s snowing and -17C. … Yes, I was rugged up! xo

  3. It is a lovely mural! It reminds me of watching “Heritage Minutes” when I was a kid. There was one about Nellie McClung, I believe, on how she finally triumphed and totally burned the PM 🙂

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