A Women’s Parliament


Today Resa and I unveil post #2 of Nellie McClung week. Please head to the original post at Resa’s Graffiti Lux and Murals blog to see the Winnipeg mural of Nellie and her fellow suffragists, which has been photographed so well by Resa. Learn about the history of women’s rights in Canada and more. Thank you Resa for being such a great partner in this week-long collaboration! Our third post will publish Friday at When Women Inspire. ♥


  1. A wonderful collaboration, Christy, between yourself and Resa; bringing with it very important issues that continue to face the world of to-day. Slowly, equality between the sexes, in some parts of our world, has a great foot-hold; though, it is only by constant monitoring and lobbying that keeps the momentum progressing forward.
    Well done to both of you…

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