How UChic is helping young women in school to succeed

UChic for women
UChic is helping young ladies to smile. Photo via ericmcgregor, CC BY 4.0, via Flickr

UChic is an inspiring startup for women, deserving of the spotlight for the work it is doing. Its focus is on helping young women in high school and college. While many businesses focus on women after graduation, UChic recognizes that assisting women in achieving their educational and career dreams can start right now while they’re still in school. And so, that’s exactly the work that the business is doing!

Based in Kansas City, MO, UChic was founded by Christie Garton, the current CEO. UChic reaches out to young ladies ages 15-22, in several ways. Firstly, there’s its website, which offers a quality resource area full of blog posts and tips for the young women. The posts focus on helping females navigate through the high-stress years of growth. Blog topics range from health and money to dating.

Other reading resources available through the same website include its four books. One that caught my eye is “U Chic’s Getting a Grip on Your Freshman Year.” Am I the only one who wished I had that when I was in college? It would have been nice to have a resource as a roadmap for what to expect that year and how best to prepare for future school years, as well as the job world ahead.

What’s amazing is that the startup uses part of its proceeds, which it gains from sources such as the public website and books, to support young women in pursuing their career goals and for schooling purposes too. Some profits got to UChic’s Open Door Foundation, which provides one-time educational assistance like training and exam fees to women in college and high school.

In addition, women have the opportunity to be a published contributor on the website. That’s right; they can write those blog posts mentioned above. These contributors, called “Chicsters,” help women find their voices as write inspiring words for female readers, reviewing brands and more. What a great opportunity to be a published writer! There’s a simple Chicster form to fill out at the site if you’re interested.

UChic is inspiring women every day, and it’s no wonder that the startup is growing. Be sure to check out the links above to find out more. Here is a great way to help young women succeed, starting today.

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  1. Oh Christy, what a wonderful site you have put together.. and thank you for highlighting such a lovely organisation as UChic, I had not heard of them before so was very interesting in reading about them and the goals and achievements.. Thank you
    Sue xox

    • Sue, I have known about the organization and wanted to highlight them for a little while now – so this site was the perfect place to do so! I can’t wait to write more and show you – HUGS!

  2. Great web site and so resourceful for young women, really women of any age. And it has such a positive purpose . The best of luck with it!

  3. Awesome website Christy! Feels good to have a writer out here doing positive things—which I’m doing with my website, Looking good!

  4. Well, here’s a gang of information that you’ve provided, Christy! I think this is just wonderfully awesome and I too could have used that book for my freshman year. No telling how it would have turned out, but the main point is that resources are now readily available to those who need it. Just wonderful!! I love this post – thanks for sharing! <3

  5. What a wonderful idea to be helping younger girls before they get out into the world, not only after. You do find these most inspiring organizations to share sweet girl! xo I’m always happy to share. 🙂

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