The Importance of Parental Controls in an Age of Technological Advances

For a long time, parental controls have been seen as a nuisance or simply not working. They required extra setup on devices that were already difficult or frustrating to get started with and tech-savvy kids always found ways around parental controls that made them useless. However, as technology advanced, so did parental controls. Nowadays, they’re easy to setup and they’re vital in controlling how much time your child is able to spend on the internet, but there are also ways to keep an eye on how they are using technology.

If you want to ensure that your kids are kept safe on the internet, then here are a couple of reasons why parental controls are important as ever.

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Not Ready For Retirement? Here’s What You Need To Do

Create the best possible retirement

Retirement can bring some difficulties with it, so it’s best not to be unprepared for it. Photo via Pexels, CC0.

When people think of retirement, they often have one of two thoughts. Either that it is a really long way off and that there is no point worrying about it yet, or they think that it is going to be a complete heaven! But even if you aren’t due to retire for another couple of decades, or you are excited about the prospect of giving up work soon, there are still some very important things you need to think about and consider.

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These Health Problems Are So Twenty-First Century

In the twentieth century, humanity got a handle on many of the infectious diseases which had previously ravaged our lives – at least in developed economies. Tuberculosis went from being one of the biggest killers to something today that practically nobody has heard of. And it was all made possible by advances in sanitation and antibiotics as well as vaccinations.

But just as those diseases have ebbed, a bunch of new health problems has cropped up. What’s more, they’re not so much a result of evolution or foreign biology, but an outgrowth of human technology. Medicine can cure many of the diseases of the past, but it’s clear that in the future, humanity is going to have to take a more holistic approach to managing health. Continue reading