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Beyond Slim®: An empowering interview on wellness beyond weight loss

Rachel Kellogg of Beyond Slim®

In a world inundated with diets, wellness trends, and beauty standards, Beyond Slim® stands as a beacon of authenticity. Find out how the community empowers individuals to embrace a comprehensive approach to well-being and weight loss in this interview with Rachel Kellogg, the Vice President of Sales for Beyond Slim®.

Disclosure: This sponsored post focuses on wellness, nutrition, and body positivity to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Interview with Rachel Kellogg of Beyond Slim®

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Rachel’s journey, her inspiration, and how Beyond Slim® sets itself apart in the world of wellness, nutrition, and body image. Let’s get to it!

What inspired you to take on the role of VP of Sales for Beyond Slim®?

When I was looking to plant my flag with a company and make it my home, there were three key things that I was looking for.

The first one was that I had to trust who was making the decisions. I wanted to have a direct working relationship with the CEO or founder. I didn’t want to deal with the Board or a bureaucratic chain of command. I wanted to know that I could trust, know, and work with the owner.

The second thing was it had to be a good product. In today’s consumer-itis world, people are throwing out products left and right — especially in the wellness space — and the knowledge or education on what wellness actually means, or what is good for your body and how much of any ingredient actually matters, has really gotten watered down.

You’ll find a lot of wellness products that use buzzword ingredients because people are starting to realize, “Oh, I understand that this ingredient, alpha lipoic acid, is really good for you,” or “I understand Ashwagandha is really good for you.” But they’re not taking it a step further to say, “Okay, well, how much of any key ingredient is in a product, and what are the clinical studies to back that amount of that ingredient to see if it’s doing anything real?”

I grew up with a wellness background. My mom was a health nut; before being a health nut was cool. It was no fun as a kid, but something I greatly appreciate now as an adult. So, when I saw our product ZipSlim®, it surprised me that it was considered a weight loss product because all of the ingredients in it, I had related to wellness my entire life. Weight loss doesn’t have to be challenging. It doesn’t have to be this thing where you’re starving yourself or jacking yourself up and running around like a crazy person. It can actually be getting your health and wellness in order.

The third piece was a marketing plan. Being in the network marketing industry is controversial, and it’s growing more controversial every year. You’re starting to see offshoots of that industry, as far as influencer marketing and affiliate marketing, and the reason why it’s controversial is that very few people actually make money in the network marketing industry.

So, when I was looking to plant my flag somewhere, I was very much looking to find a company whose comp plan wasn’t designed for the 10%, but for the 90% part-timer — the person who works their business 10-15 hours a week and needs that income to impact their family’s life. Beyond Slim® had a comp plan that does not fall under any of the norms that you would see out there. It’s completely different, and it is designed to serve the masses, not just the few.

Can you explain more about what makes Beyond Slim® different nutrition-wise from other programs and products?

Our product is backed by over 13 clinical studies. It was created by a very well-known MD, Dr. Mark Drucker, who has devoted his career to focusing on healthy weight loss.

Dr. Drucker created a formula with the exact amount of each ingredient necessary to achieve optimal wellness and weight loss results. This stands out from other weight loss products because it is precisely formulated to help individuals defeat metabolic overload.

It’s about getting your body’s AMPK activated, putting your body in wellness, so it absorbs nutrients, burns fats, and creates a homeostasis. It’s different from our competition, and it affects more than weight loss — our 13 clinical studies focus on 13 different things that it does.

ZipSlim® from Beyond Slim®
ZipSlim® beverage from Beyond Slim®. Photo used with permission.

Interview with Rachel Kellogg cont’d.

Talking more about nutrition, how does it relate to body image?

Well, health is wealth. When you feel good, it elevates your mood. There are studies showing that when you are happy, you lose weight. It’s not about being super skinny or chasing a false image. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.

Some people are bigger, and some people are smaller. But when you can look in the mirror and smile — and not just because you like what you see, but because you truly feel good — it completely elevates and changes your life.

So true! Why do you think so many women have an unhealthy body image?

I mean, super-thin models have been idolized for too long. Because of idolizing an unrealistic body type for too long, we have lost sight of the wellness aspect in the weight-loss industry. People are trying to reach this unrealistic image, and they’re losing their health along the way.

How can Beyond Slim® help a woman to feel more body confident?

Beyond Slim® can help a woman feel more comfortable in her body by unlocking her metabolism and allowing weight loss to become less of an effort. Although ZipSlim® works in combination with lifestyle changes, the reboot rituals suggested by Beyond Slim® are not the type of drastic changes typically involved with weight loss regimens. Instead, they are simple, attainable goals that the average person can integrate into their daily routines to help them along their weight loss journey.

What are some scenarios when it might make sense for a woman to seek out the Beyond Slim® Reboot 66 program?

Creating new habits is incredibly hard. There are many programs out there, and the habits they want you to create are really, really hard.

When people need to lose weight, there’s a scale, right? Every woman is like, “I can lose 10 pounds,” but if you’re in the category of, “I need to lose 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds,” many of these weight loss programs require you to do things that you’re probably not ready to do yet. Nobody can jump out of the gate doing 15 burpees when they need to lose 30 pounds, so it’s instantly discouraging.

One of the things that attracted me to Beyond Slim® is the nine reboot rituals created to enhance your weight-loss experience while taking ZipSlim® that are designed for anybody to do. They’re not these extremes of what you need to do to get healthy. They’re things like drinking enough water, going for a walk for 30 minutes, and being grateful.

We have 20-year-olds getting results, and we have 70-year-olds getting results, and that allows us to do something that very few other companies are doing because the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. We all know that. So, if we can see 70 and even 80-year-old women losing 50 or 100 pounds, we know we’ve got something golden here.

Beyond weight loss, what else can she hope for?

As I mentioned earlier, our 13 clinical studies aren’t just about weight loss. So, besides losing weight, you will experience better sleep, muscle tone, reduced free radicals, and a happier mood — many other things besides weight loss.

Happy looking in the mirror
Great quote from Rachel Kellogg!

In what ways can Beyond Slim® strengthen a woman’s sense of self?

When you lose your physical health trying to reach an unrealistic body standard, you also lose your mental health. It may lower your confidence and self-esteem. I think that if we can put wellness back into it, we’ll help women be more confident in their bodies.

And, I think that’s already changing. I think the body positivity movement is making strides, but where the body positivity movement needs to make sure it doesn’t completely yo-yo the other way. It’s also not about just letting it go and eating McDonald’s every day — it’s about being healthy. It’s about being healthy and focusing on full-circle wellness.

Have you personally struggled with getting fitter and healthier?

I’ve always struggled with discipline and creating healthy habits. I would try a bunch of different programs, but I’d fall off the wagon way too quickly. So, yes, I have been able to maintain the weight I desire through the reboot rituals and ZipSlim®, like I’ve never been able to before.

Obviously, I’m mindful of what I eat, but I’m not on a starvation diet, and I don’t work out three times a day. I would say I’m a very average person. I try to eat healthy, I try to walk or work out three days a week, but people would assume I do more because of the results I get from ZipSlim®.

Did you find that after addressing your physical health problem, your mental and emotional well-being improved?

Absolutely. When you look in the mirror, and you’re not happy with what you see, it really messes up a lot of things. So, getting healthy and being comfortable in your body builds confidence.

When you’re confident, you’re believable, and when you’re believable, people will follow you. That’s how you can step in and lead a change, lead a movement — take on a position you never thought you could before by elevating your confidence.

Now that’s motivation! How can we start the Reboot 66 program and learn more about what Beyond Slim® offers?

The best way to start one of Beyond Slim’s® programs is to visit our website.

Readers can find and purchase Beyond Slim’s® products on our website’s online store.

ZipSlim® is our weight loss wellness beverage, which is our signature product. It comes in delicious blackberry lemonade and cherry limeade flavors in both caffeinated and caffeine-free varieties. Users simply mix a packet of ZipSlim® in 12-20 ounces of water and drink it before their two largest meals.

We also have RS90, which stands for “radiant skin in 90 days.” It’s a once-a-day pill that helps lift, firm, and tighten not just your face but all the skin. So when you lose weight, you’re not left with sagging skin.

Terrific, and thank you for being here, Rachel Kellogg! Is there anything else you want to add?

We’re also in the process of launching a fitness tracking app, the Reboot 66 app, that allows you to track your nine reboot rituals. It’s a tool that puts you in a community. Once you join our community, you have this daily tracker, you win prizes, and you can invite your friends to play, so it makes creating those habits even easier.

We’re not just a product. We’re a program that gives you the tools you need to succeed, like our Reboot 66 app.

Connect with the Beyond Slim® team online

They are on social media! You can follow Beyond Slim® on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter).

With a focus on trust and science-backed products, Beyond Slim® is poised to empower women and other genders to feel comfortable in their skin and embrace a comprehensive approach to wellness. I thank them for helping people, and I appreciate Rachel Kellogg for taking the time here!

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