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What are the Top 5 Invisible Hearing Aids?

Best invisible hearing aids options

If you require a hearing aid, you have a lot of choices today. You can get a hearing aid that delivers excellent sound within a very discreet fitting. When you choose one of these best technologically advanced invisible hearing aids brands, you will enjoy better hearing and comfort that benefits many areas of your life.

Here is a look at the best five invisible hearing aids available right now to help you find the right one for you:

1. Earlens offers a revolutionary solution

This invisible hearing aid manufacturer has a solution that claims to be a world-first. The technology they have developed is designed to vibrate the eardrum. This is a revolutionary development and is not yet available via rival companies.

Earlens offers a custom fitting service, and the hearing aid can deliver a broader frequency range that is 2.5 times greater than traditional hearing aids. It also offers the benefit of streaming to your iPhone using Bluetooth.

2. Phonak Lyric can be worn 24/7

This hearing aid is designed to be worn 24 hours a day. It can actually be wearble for days and weeks at a time without needing removal.

The device is available on a subscription model, and you have it professionally replaced every two or three months.

If you want a device that you insert and forget, the Phonak Lyric offers this option. You can even shower with the device, which is convenient.

3. Starkey Evolv AI suits almost every ear shape and size

This device is one of the smallest hearing aids around. It is custom-made to fit your ear and a professional can mold it to align with your unique ear shape. That makes it a comfortable and unobtrusive choice.

It is a device that is packed with technology features. It can make millions of sound adjustments and delivers an impressive 40% reduction in standard noise energy levels.

4. Signia Silk X offers an app to customize volume settings

This one is suitably discreet. In addition, the Signia Silk X has an accompanying app that gives you a lot of flexibility and options regarding volume settings. Tweak it as you want.

It comes ready to wear, too. So you can use it instantly rather than waiting for a custom fit.

5. Phonak Virto P-Titanium works well in challenging environments

There are two key points to recommend the Phonak Virto P-Titanium for. Firstly, it is notably thinner than its acrylic counterparts. The shell is made from titanium material, giving it strength, comfort, and convenience.

The other main point to make about this device is that it has AutoSense processing. This proprietary system from Phonak supports better listening, even in the most challenging and noisy environments.

Takeaway on the best invisible hearing aids brands

As you can see, technological advancements and great design options mean you have some excellent choices when searching for a discreet hearing aid solution. When you get the device, check out this guide on the hearing aid adjustment process to help you become used to wearing one.

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