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Ideneth Vega of Zurvita talks marketing and keys to success as a woman leader

Ideneth Vega of Zervita

Whether you’re interested in marketing or becoming a successful woman leader, this conversation is one to check out! Ideneth Vega is the guest today, and she is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Revenue Growth and Marketing for Zurvita. In this interview, Ideneth shares insights on working in the world of marketing for a leading health and wellness company, as well as what she has learned about leadership. You won’t want to miss this!

Disclosure: This interview provides an inside look at a woman thriving in her marketing career to inspire you in your professional pursuits.

Interview with Ideneth Vega, SVP of Strategy, Revenue Growth & Marketing for Zurvita

Let’s get to the conversation! I begin by asking Ideneth about her previous work experience, which led her to join the Zurvita team.

Please tell us a bit about your career before joining Zurvita.

I started as an independent business owner myself and built a business from scratch while at the University of Puerto Rico. Back then and even today, it was not a typical path for an 18-year-old.

Now fast forward over 20 years in the direct sales and network marketing industry. Having the proven experience of our prospective audience and the “been there, done that” first-hand knowledge paired with education and passion, I believe, has been instrumental in setting me aside in my career and what has brought me here.

In 2009, I came back to the United States and have since worked in roles encompassing strategic responsibilities, whether in sales, leadership, education, new market development, and marketing functions for various organizations, from top multinational Belcorp, billion-dollar brand Jeunesse Global, to established and startup brands before joining Zurvita in 2019.

These experiences equipped me to take on the revenue strategy responsibility at Zurvita, especially the ability to manage change, be quick to respond, and keep focus in the face of challenges, [which] is imperative in my line of work. I am very passionate about the work I do. One of my favorite things to do is help figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together to solve challenges or reach a positive outcome and not just tell the story but help the organization craft a reality that supports such a story of success.

Trust in the self as a female leader
I love this quote!

Interview with Ideneth Vega cont’d.

At Zurvita, what does your average day look like?

Well, I will say there is no such thing as an “average day” at Zurvita, and that is precisely what makes it so fun and rewarding! I am responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategies that drive revenue and improve awareness of our products and our brand in the marketplace.

I work closely with the executive team to create and implement innovative strategies for maximizing revenue growth. I work with our creative and digital teams to ensure that all campaigns are reflective of our vision, tracked, and measured so the team can evaluate the success of our strategies and plans. I work with key partners like our PR team, which evolves product brand awareness campaigns and press releases, staying up to date with market trends, and our Scientific Advisory Board to develop new and improved formulas in our product roadmap as we keep up with industry happenings and identify market opportunities to expand and grow.

Overall, my day-to-day at Zurvita is action-packed, however, by far, the best time is always brainstorming ideas, finding solutions to pop-up situations, and connecting with the people inside the organization as well as our Consultants in the field. That is hands-down the best part of every day!

What are your priorities at Zurvita in your current position?

Currently, as SVP of Strategy and Revenue Growth and Marketing, my main priority is to determine the revenue and marketing strategy that will ensure the company’s growth, [the] long-lasting success of our distributors, and our customer’s premier experience. My team is responsible for the brand’s overall look and feel, digital and social media, product development, commercial planning, and communications. I work with cross-functional teams.

Ideneth Vega, how do you ensure Zurvita embraces diversity in multicultural markets?

Companies need to make a conscientious decision effort to foster an inclusive culture, promote appreciation for diversity, and celebrate multicultural communities. We must be intentional about the programs, policies, and procedures that exist and realize who we serve. Address the language barriers with the commitment to offering bilingual or multilingual support in the creation of materials and resources to better engage with the markets that need us.

In addition, we need to make sure that the demands of many cultures are respected. We must be open to hearing what our multiracial customers say and adapting our approach as necessary.

Finally, we must be present, be aware, and need not be afraid to meet the customer (all of them) where they are at, target the message to reach the audience, adapt the language, respect the traditions, celebrate culture and work to empower individuals to feel part of the community regardless who they are, where they are from or what they look and sound like—courage and commitment to the fact that everyone matters.

Outside of work, what keeps you busy?

I’m a wife and a busy mom of 3! I recently welcomed a baby boy, Maverick, who is now three months old. My husband loves to cook, so,trying new recipes on the weekends is a great way we stay connected as a family.

We are a pretty active family; we love to spend our off time outdoors, bike riding, hiking, and enjoying nature. I love to write, so I am working on a special project with my daughter Victoria, who loves to draw. Stay tuned!

Zundora from Zurvita
Ideneth explains later in the interview that Zundora is one of her favorites in the Zurvita lineup. Photo is courtesy of Ideneth Vega.

Ideneth Vega, who inspires YOU?

I get inspiration from many sources that have a great impact on my life. First, from my family, whose creativity and resourcefulness to find joy in everything amazes me.

My parents, who gave me enough to know and value what I had and didn’t, taught me the principles of hard work and never giving up because, as Papi says, “when the road gets tough, only the tough keep walking.” In addition to my family, I draw inspiration from pioneers, those who are not afraid to go first and disrupt the status quo.

Last but not least, my mentor, Beth, taught me the valuable lesson of acceptance: to trust myself and my instincts and always without fail bet on myself, always no matter what, give your best, and more importantly, you can’t win them all so pick your battles because being happy matters more than being right. These are inspiring lessons and things that I bring with me to work to live by and pay forward the same as at home with my family.

As a woman who aspires to a leadership position, I have learned a few keys to success:

I believe that building a strong sense of self-confidence and self-awareness is key. When in doubt, focus on the impact you can make rather than dwelling on any perceived inadequacies, and always practice self-compassion. Trust in “self” is crucial for a female leader.

Listening is key; often, the answers are in plain sight, and you have to listen to the cues. Look at the data in every situation and use it to guide and ground yourself, but that is not all.

Open your heart and then, with all that in consideration, make decisions, and take action. Finally, find your rhythm, be passionate, stay focused on your goals, and have that drive your commitment.

Pay it forward to others who can positively be impacted by your leadership and pave the way. The table is pretty expansive, as you sit at the table, be present, and lift others with you. Be yourself, be humble, believe, and trust your circle. Be present in all that you do, at work and home, and be the leader you want to follow.

Successful woman leader quote

Interview with Ideneth Vega cont’d.

Looking back, what do you wish someone had told you about being in an executive role?

Building and cultivating relationships with your team, peers, superiors, customers, vendors, and external partners is vital. Celebrate the small wins and milestones, and learn from every setback as each serves as a setup.

Normalize vulnerabilities and understand that leadership can sometimes be lonely. Never fear to seek support, and trust yourself when in doubt.

What would you say if you had to name one crucial thing for a long-lasting brand?

If there is one thing that is essential for a long-lasting brand, I’d have to say [it] is an authentic purpose to develop trust and a lasting relationship with its customers. Purpose is the driving force that propels a brand forward, ignites passion, and can go beyond its product and services so it can be connected to make a positive impact.

A brand that has a strong purpose and shares such authenticity can inspire and mobilize from the inside out. Focusing on such attracts customers that align with the values and creates a tribe of brand loyalists that will champion the cause. A long-lasting brand that will take this authentic purpose-driven approach and is consistent in keeping it centered can become a catalyst for positive change and impact in the world.

What is something branding-wise that you think a lot of organizations are getting wrong?

One of the most important aspects of branding organizations can work better at is the emotional connection between their products or service and their customer. If we want to know what our brand delivers, we gotta speak to our customers. We have to ensure that we know and understand their relationship with our product, how it fits in their day-to-day and their lives, etc.

The other aspect of that emotional connection is that it authentically embodies who the brand is. You can’t have your website, product, look, and feel of your online presentation convey one message and your leadership, processes, initiatives, and programs convey a different one.

The brand’s tone, values, the “persona” that the brand embodies, and the communication strategy it executes all have to speak both to the current and prospective customers. We have to know and understand our customers and prospective audience to best serve them and craft campaigns, products, and messaging around them.

Zeal from Zurvita
Find out why Zeal from Zurvita is Ideneth’s fave! Photo is courtesy of Ideneth Vega.

One more question! What is your favorite product from Zurvita?

It’s hard to pick just one! If I had to, I would have to say our Beauty Inside-Out duo! So that is Zeal, Wild Berry, and Mango are my favorite flavors, and Zundora!

Zeal is our flagship nutritional product, the one I replaced sugary energy drinks I would take prior. Zeal delivers powerful nutrients in one scoop and is clinically tested to improve mood, all with clean superfoods and antioxidant ingredients!

Now Zundora, I have a special love for as we developed and introduced that last November, quickly became a top seller! Zundora is a breakthrough antioxidant collagen gel with the power to transform skin to a healthy glow. It features incredible ingredients in our proprietary beauty blend, and it is delicious!

I mean, I have fun with it too. I add it to my smoothie and my yogurt and even got my pancakes upgraded by adding this to flavor them vs. maple syrup!

Connect further with Zurvita online

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Zurvita is on social media, too. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube today.

What are your thoughts on this marketing and branding conversation? In what ways do you want to grow as a leader? Please share your comments below!

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