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Empowering women through occupational therapy

Occupational therapy job listings

Occupational therapists work with individuals to improve their quality of life. They use the knowledge and expertise they have gained through education and years of experience to help women (and others) have healthier and more meaningful lives. The work these professionals does goes beyond what a woman experiences while on the job, although the term occupational in the job title confuses many people.

Defining occupation

People think of an occupation as a person’s career. Actually, an occupation is any meaningful activity a person does to fill their time.

It can be as simple as someone washing their face in the morning or as complex as a surgeon performing a life-saving occupation. Both activities fill the person’s time, so they are considered an occupation.

Any person who would like to help patients improve their quality of life through this type of therapy can explore occupational therapy job listings. How can a therapist help women perform their chosen occupations?

Daily living activities

An occupational therapist can help a woman who struggles to carry out basic activities. The therapist works with the woman to break each activity down into small parts. It then becomes easier to see where the woman struggles and find ways to overcome the challenges.

Essential tasks

A woman might face obstacles when she tries to do certain tasks that are needed to manage her life. For example, she may have problems shopping for essentials. The therapist helps her create a system to handle each task. This system may require the use of adaptive equipment, or it might be creating a system to remind her to do these things.

Adequate rest

One reason a woman might struggle is she isn’t getting enough sleep. Pain or discomfort could be the reason for her insomnia, and the therapist can help with this. The therapist will show the woman pain-relieving techniques and help her learn relaxation methods so a good night’s sleep becomes possible again.

Patient education

Occupational therapists educate their patients on their injuries and disorders. A person needs to be informed when it comes to what is going on with their body.

In addition, the therapist might help the patient find augmentative devices or techniques to allow them to understand their condition better. These tools help complete the patient’s education.

Work activities

An occupational therapist may help a woman return to work following an illness or injury. They do an in-depth occupational profile.

With this profile, the therapist develops a treatment plan focusing on specific tasks to help the patient improve in these areas. This helps them get back on the job.

Leisure activities

Every person needs to have fun in their life. After an injury or illness, a woman might struggle to participate in their preferred leisure activities.

The therapist works with her to find new ways to fill her free time. A woman will find these activities help her relax and enjoy life once again.

Socializing with others

People need regular interaction with others to thrive. A woman might shy away from social activities, particularly after an illness or injury. The therapist helps her find ways to socialize with the help of counseling, support groups, and adaptive equipment.

Occupational therapy helps women grow, adapt, and remain resilient in adversity. The therapist helps women foster a growth mindset and unlock their potential. With the therapist’s help, a woman can reclaim her independence and enjoy life fully once again.

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    1. Hi Robbie, I had occupational therapy as an adult and it was very helpful for me with planning and setting goals when I was in the depths of anxiety and depression. I remember when I was overwhelmed by everything and my doctor suggested it, along with therapy. The combination really worked well for me. Writing this, I’m overcome with emotion!

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