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Artist Sonia Bublaitis inspires: A vibrant approach to abstract and modern art and photography

Artist Sonia Bublaitis

When I first met contemporary and modern artist Sonia Bublaitis, I immediately felt a closeness with her, connecting with her energy and creativity. She has a wonderful way of infusing colour into her art, not shying away from bold hues and lines. It was a pleasure to interview her. Find out more about her path to success in the art world, the materials she prefers to use, and examples of her beautiful paintings and photographs below.

Disclosure: This sponsored interview features a UK-based artist who inspires through her unique and vibrant approach to abstract and contemporary art and photography. She also may inspire another woman who wants to pursue a creative career!

Interview with artist Sonia Bublaitis

Thank you for being here, Sonia! I’m excited to talk about your thought-provoking pieces and see examples.

What first struck me about your beautiful art is how you play with bold hues. In the photo above, your art piece “Euphoria” hanging on the wall behind you is exceptional! Let’s talk more about colour as we start the interview.

Log Canvas by Sonia Bublaitis
“Log Canvas” by Sonia Bublaitis. Created to mark the first Art in the Park in the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa.

Has colour always been a defining element of your artwork, or has it changed over time?

Colour has always fascinated me, from the most subdued shades to the most vivid. Starting as a young child through paint play and watching my mom paint, I was fascinated by the colours that paint can create.

The defining element of my own artwork has always been the use of bold colours, as the world is so rich in colour and texture!

Yes, there’s so much beauty in colour around us! What forms of art do you create? Types of materials?

My main creations of art are abstract, but recently I am finding myself more drawn to create semi-abstract art.  I love working on Perspex as a material, especially if it is clear, as it allows the colours to dance through it in the light.

I also use glass, mirror, wood, slate, and canvas as I enjoy experimentation with various materials. I have synaesthesia, which gives me the ability to see colour when I hear music.

I recently got to chat to a fellow artist and photographer about her also having this, and we had an interesting conversation about how this affects our creation of artwork. In the future, I will be creating music to provide a synergistic experience between music and art.

Wow, I can’t wait for the music element! You also have exceptional photos. Can you share a bit about the creation process? I know you don’t use Photoshop.

I have no idea how to use Photoshop, although I wish I did. I won an award for my “creative photography” with “The Alchemist”. Up close, the image portrays a figure surrounded by ghouls and fire and was created to show how art, just as alchemy is a magical process of creation.

The process of the final article is hard to explain, as I collated various coloured materials and took over 100 photos to get the right image. I then used photo editing tools to sharpen or soften the image, and this photograph which I am proud of, was the end result!

Here is “The Alchemist” by Sonia Bublaitis:

The Alchemist
“The Alchemist” painting by Sonia Bublaitis

It is stunning! What drew you to the abstract style for your art?

I think it was a natural selection process through studying all forms of art for a Fine Art degree. I feel connected to abstract art, as it is a wonderful way to express my feelings.

I always find it interesting to hear what viewers depict from my artwork, as each piece provides a different meaning to all.

What inspires you when creating art, Sonia Bubaliatis?

I just love to create art as it is a passion of mine, and it provides me with a creative outlet for my imagination and spirituality. I am inspired by the beauty and complexity of the natural world, from the rich colours of the forest to the vastness of the ocean.

I am also inspired to create through the emotions I feel or music that I listen to.

Please share the story behind one of your pieces of art.

I was proud to be the artist in residence at a local school, which gave me the opportunity to create garden art for a new prayer garden. The children were very excited about this project and I produced weather-proofed paintings and a mosaic with the school emblem. The garden was blessed by the local Bishop.

Within the garden, a time capsule was also placed underground, and I had the opportunity to include my plan of the garden and a photo of myself and my grandson, who attended the school at the time. It’s exciting to think that one day many years from now, it will be opened with my art and photo inside!

Sonia Bublaitis quote

Did you go to school for art?

I completed two years towards a Fine Art degree, where I learnt a great deal about art theory and processes and enjoyed the time solely dedicated to art.

My first painting during the course was called “All That Jazz” on Perspex inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock, which scored well.

Do you think art is best learned from hands-on experience, school courses, or a mix?

I believe some people are lucky to be born with the gift of being an artist, and some learn this skill through courses. I always try to encourage others to give it a try!

I love the joy on their faces when I see them sometime later, and they let me know that I inspired them to pick up that paintbrush! I remember how scary it was the first time I exhibited.

I felt my soul was laid bare for the world to critique, but as quoted by William Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true”, and be that through hands-on artworks, courses, or a mix of the two. It is more important to create than worry about the process of how it is learned.

Here is “Other Worlds” by artist Sonia Bublaitis:

Other Worlds painting
“Other Worlds” painting by Sonia Bublaitis

Please share what happened with your “Other Worlds” painting at a local exhibition. It’s a great story!

At a recent art exhibition, two women came in to view the gallery, and after reading my artist biography, they were excited that my artwork has spiritual meaning to me. One of the women saw my painting titled “Other Worlds” and asked me to tell her more about it.

I explained that it was a meditative aid whereby the circles in the centre of the artwork draw the eye in. Some people find meditating difficult, and on explanation, her face lit up. I love it, she exclaimed, and I was so happy to see how my painting made her feel. She decided to continue looking around the exhibition but then noticed that a man was also inquiring about the same painting, and she rushed back with her arms in the air, asking to purchase it!

I was genuinely blown away by her love for it, and it was a very special moment for me. It was also a reminder that art can be very emotive!

A photo of this special “Other Worlds” moment:

Sonia Bublaitis with Other Worlds
Sonia Bublaitis (left) with buyer of her creation “Other Worlds”

Sonia Bublaitis, what is one thing you want people to know about you as an artist?

I want people to know that I paint from my heart and highest self, which I hope inspires others and brings joy to their homes.

Wonderful! Please share a few places where we can see your art

My art is currently on show at the Art Room in Leamington Spa and recently took part in the Warwickshire Open Studios at Leamington Studio Artists East Lodge, in the beautiful Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa.

I also have a website I sell art abroad as well as locally in England. I have exhibited at the Reganna Art Centre in NY, France, London and other locations around the UK.  I have been featured on the Thoughtrow Podcast and more recently have been included in artist publications in California and Italy.

Connect with Sonia Bublaitis further online

Visit Sonia Bublaitis’ website to learn more about Sonia and her gorgeous artwork. From stunning abstract and semi-abstract paintings to contemporary prints and captivating photography, there’s a lot to look at and contact her about for commissions and requests of prints.

This talented artist is also on social media. Stay updated on her creations by hitting the Follow button on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A few final words from artist Sonia Bublaitis

I would like to thank you Christy for inviting me for this interview and feel honoured to do so.

Finally, I thought I would share my favourite quote by Wassily Kandinsky “Colour is the power which directly influences the soul”

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  1. I feel as I have discovered someone. She is truly amazing and so is her art. Thank you for the interview it has opened my heart to color and abstract painting. She is truly manificent!

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