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Solar Charge Your Phone AND Light on the Go: Meet the MEGAPUFF

MegaPuff solar light and power bank

Solar power might seem like it’s not accessible to the individual – But the MegaPuff is showing that’s completely untrue! This innovative and affordable solar power bank and light empowers the individual – You! – and below is more about the sustainable charger-and-light device. Support it for a limited time on Kickstarter – Only 5 days to go.

Disclosure: This sponsored post focuses on bettering the world through solar energy, all while providing the light and phone power you need on the go.

Meet the MegaPuff

The origami-style solar lantern called the MegaPuff is the brainchild of Alice Min Soo Chun and her Solight Design team. Not only are they creating innovative products but they are also bettering the world through their environmental efforts. Chun has won numerous awards, including the US Patent Award for Humanity.

With cell phone charging, the MegaPuff surpasses its predecessor, the Solarpuff, with a larger form factor for a wider lighting coverage. The increased size of the MegaPuff is designed to illuminate large spaces, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings, camping adventures, and emergency situations where maximum visibility is critical.

MegaPuff is a solar lantern that can be rotated and packed flat. When the handle is pulled, it opens slightly and transforms into an enchanting light cube.

Designed using the origami technique, it appeals to everyone from eco-adventurers to readers to avid campers. This lantern is great for emergencies, camping, hiking, biking, boating, outdoor events, poolside, as a night light, or even in your car. The uses are endless, so it’s also a great housewarming gift.

MegaPuff uses
The versatile MegaPuff. Photo modified from original used with permission.

Power Up Your Phone with MegaPuff

With its innovative design, MegaPuff has a built-in USB-C port and a powerful battery, making it easy to charge up your iPhone, Android, Gpixel, and more while on the go. Your phone stays powered and connected wherever you go, enabling you to explore the great outdoors, camp, and travel.

Say goodbye to the fear of low battery. Enjoy the versatility of MegaPuff, the ultimate all-in-one solution for your lighting and charging needs.

Keep Away Mosquitos

Did you know it’s a mosquito repellent too with the red flashing light?! Use red SOLID light (160 lumens) or warm yellow light. (40 Lumens) to keep away those mosquitos.

Mood Enhancement

The red light also improves mood; Dr. Landry is a board-certified clinical psychologist who says red light therapy has recently shown promise as a treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injury.

Cycling Safety

The red light of this Solight Design device also allows for safe cycling. Use red flashing lights when biking at night. The use of red lights when biking is for safety and to increase visibility to other road users, as well as being a distress signal. Adjusting the MegaPuff’s red flashing light is an invaluable feature in emergencies.

MegaPuff riding light
MegaPuff is also a cycling safety light

Light in Emergencies

During power outages and outdoor adventures, this setup also acts as a reliable signal for help and assistance. The distinctive, attention-grabbing red flash helps rescuers locate people in need, making it an essential tool for safety and communication at critical times.

The solar power capability provides a sustainable, long-lasting light source that you can rely on when conventional power sources are not available. And you’ll never worry that your smartphone is low on juice as you have the portable power bank at your side!

Get Your MegaPuff – Only 5 More Days on Kickstarter!

Don’t miss the opportunity to back this project – The MegaPuff is funded through Kickstarter, only until July 16th. Be a part of something great for the planet – as well as being super useful! Back the MegaPuff on Kickstarter today and get yours!

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