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10 Fun Outdoor Activities with Kids Trampolines

Kids outdoor trampoline

The trampoline season is on but your kids are stuck indoors? While uncommon, that can certainly happen after you’ve had the kids’ trampoline for some years. Trampolining on its own is fun, but it’s better when you have more variety on what to do with it

Below is a list of 10 various outdoor trampoline activities for kids. Most of these activities are non-jumping activities, so more than one person can engage in these activities while being on the trampoline. It’s a list that includes both totally new ideas and also popular activities that many kids who have trampolines love.

Acrobatics talent show

Are your kids into acrobatics or gymnastics? Or do they simply like to twist and turn their bodies into weird positions? Host acrobatics talent show for them! Come up with rules and a point system according to which the jury (that is, other kids) will evaluate the move or trick that each kid will do on the trampoline one by one. This is kids trampoline outdoor fun at its best!

Storytelling circle

Do you remember telling spooky stories to your friends when you were little? Kids of all ages love stories (and well, we adults tend to love them too). It’s only natural to get engaged in the world of storytelling. But what if you took your bedtime story time to the next level and did it on a trampoline? Or, if your kid is past bedtime story age, let them host a storytelling party on the kids trampoline. Don’t forget the pillows and blankets!

Dance party with DJ

Let’s twist again, oooh let’s twist again! Host a massive dance party for the whole neighborhood. The kids will love it and the parents in the neighborhood will love it as well as it’ll allow some free time for them. Simply get some snacks and beverages and find a local DJ or, if you want to go full DIY mode, be the DJ yourself. Don’t forget to decorate your yard and trampoline!

Magic show

Magic shows are truly captivating. But have you thought that you could host one in your own backyard?

First, make it as a kids trampoline outdoor theater. Decorate the enclosure and make it look like the trampoline is a real stage. Work with your kids to create the stage as it boosts their creativity and it can also act as a bonding session. Then, once everything’s ready, it’s time for everyone to act like a magician and show their magic trick in front of the audience. You could also invite a real magician at the end to give them a unique experience.

Photography session

Is your kid interested in taking pictures? Set up a photography session for them! For that, you need either a phone or a camera. Set your tripod and teach how photography works. Then, your kids can go to the trampoline one by one while the other acts as a photographer, giving instructors to the model. Then it’s time to switch. This is a fun way to save those fun moments for years to come. A tip: if you are able, take polaroid pictures!

Chalk drawing session

A classic activity and one not to leave out. Small children absolutely love this! Did you know that you can draw with chalk onto the trampoline mat? While you shouldn’t use any sharp on it, using regular drawing chalk is more than fine. Your kids can decorate the black surface with color. And after the play is over, wash the surface with water and let it dry before jumping. A great summer activity that can be done on kids trampolines!

Stargazing night

Another classic. Yet, many children have no idea about stars and constellations. In our busy lives, we often think that our youngsters need to go to various adventure parks to explore the world when, in reality, the most beautiful adventure park is usually in our backyard.

Learning about the sky is not only fun but useful. You could also learn a few new things about the sky and stellar system. Read books and watch videos about it before laying on the kids trampoline and trying to find constellations in the clear sky.

Trampoline basketball

Did you know that trampoline basketball hoops continue to be the most popular trampoline accessory according to the most-well known manufacturers? Indeed, this simple yet fun accessory attaches to the enclosure poles.

The hoop allows children (and teens and adults) to use their imagination in the best way possible, whether they are practicing shooting the ball to the basket or coming up with their own game ideas. If you purchase a high-quality kids trampoline from a reputable manufacturer, chances are they have a hoop to it too. Check with them and buy before you regret it!

Fashion show

Are your little ones at that age when they are interested in dress up games or even fashion? Then, why not utilize the trampoline for a fashion show! Again, the trampoline can act as a stage for presenting the clothing and makeup. For this, creativity is key! Find clothes that have seen their best days and get DIY supplies to the youngsters. Allow them to spend time to decorate the clothes as they want and let them explore with makeup, too. Once all set, everyone has a turn to do a model walk on the bouncy platform while others act as an audience or as a paparazzi. What a fun idea!

Glow in the dark jumping

Last but not least is glow in the dark jumping! A truly thrilling experience to try once the sun goes down. Buy glowing sticks and other items, such as face paint and various straps to put on yourselves. Decorate the kids trampoline with various glowing items as well to enhance the experience even further. Then, once you’re all set, it’s time to jump on the trampoline! The visuals are stunning and your kids will remember the experience for a long time.

Enjoy endless adventures on a kids’ trampoline

These are just some of the hundreds of various activities that can happen on the kids trampoline. It just takes a bit of creativity!

The Internet is full of ideas for this topic, so if you didn’t like any of these ideas (although I doubt that), you can always search for more. Nevertheless, hopefully this article inspires you as a parent to explore the trampoline beyond basic jumping. It can truly be the center of the family, a place where everyone can have fun in numerous ways.

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