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Top time-saving tips working moms need to know

Time-saving tips for working moms

Let’s start by saying that all mothers are working hard! But this particular guide focuses on moms with an employer, whether a work-from-home position, at an office, or elsewhere. And it applies to part-time and full-time jobs. Juggling a career with the demands of caring for children (especially when they’re young), cooking meals, and handling home chores can sometimes seem like a circus performer where you are the only one trying not to drop the balls. These are the five time-saving tips working moms need to know.

For working moms: 5 time-saving tips

Applying these suggestions can make a big difference in everyday life, freeing up time so you can focus on what matters most to you. Let’s start with asking for assistance.

1. Get help

That makes sense, right?! If you have a partner, get them to help with shared parenting responsibilities. If you’re divorced, positive co-parenting is a must and will significantly help everyone.

Don’t have a partner (current or ex)? Then reach out to a loved one, such as a close friend, parent, or sibling. The chances are high that at least one of them will take you up on the request for help, whether it’s taking the kids for a few hours a week so you can run errands more efficiently alone, helping with chores around the house, or something else.

You might not realize it, but someone close to you might be looking for a change in their routine or added responsibilities. When going to them to receive help, you might not realize you’re helping them too!

2. At home: Meal planning

After a long day at work, who feels like cooking dinner? For working moms, a great time-saving tip in the kitchen is to cook once and eat twice.

That means preparing double portions of your favorite recipes and freezing the extras for another meal. On the weekend, go food shopping, cook, and then freeze some meals for the week ahead. Plan simple yet nutritious meals that do not take hours to prepare.

If you don’t have time to shop for the ingredients, you can make use of dinner kit services that deliver everything straight to your door. Many grocery stores also offer a service where they shop for you and deliver to the front doorstep.

3. At home and work: Pack lunches

You can avoid the chaotic morning rush by packing the family’s lunches the night before (yours included). That saves not only time but money too.

Invite your partner and children the previous evening to help with making their lunch, allowing them to participate in the process. Within reason, you can let them look through the refrigerator and cupboards and choose what appeals to them. This activity can prove beneficial when the lunch box comes home empty!

4. At work, moms: Saving time by thinking smart

There are many ways you can save time at work. No matter what the type of business it is, you need to plan the day. Make lists of the things to do during the workday. This tip also boosts productivity.

You can save time by eliminating potential distractions and improving your ability to concentrate on your current work. Combine related tasks and then pay attention to one set of duties at a time.

Use time wisely by efficiently managing progress reports and job appraisals. You can buy bulk Walmart gift cards to gift employees for a job well done. That saves time as you do not need to purchase a specific incentive gift for different employees, and the recipient gets a great card to spend on what they want or need.

Establish priorities too. Maintaining a professional reputation while being well-liked as an employer is important.

5. In all aspects, say no

Saying “no” more often can save time. And the time saved can allow more opportunities to say “yes” to what you want. Working moms often feel guilty, and self-loathing happens. As a boss mom, you are not required to participate in every school activity or attend every meeting.

Instead, prioritize and delegate. Although it can be difficult, saying no can help you save time while teaching your children the importance of having limits.

Takeaway on saving time as a working mom

For busy working moms, most time is spent determining how to manage their hectic lives effectively. Although challenging, work-life integration is conceivable. Try these suggestions for quick and easy ways to save time.

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