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Car insurance for young drivers – How to get the best deals

Car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers’ auto insurance premiums are sometimes exorbitant, but there are alternatives to obtain affordable coverage. These include comparing prices at renewal time, asking for reductions, and looking over coverages for the best car insurance deals. The tips below can help get cheaper car insurance for young drivers. This is a US-based guide.

6 tips for the best deals on car insurance for young drivers

Saving money matters! Let’s look at how to get a lower rate.

1. Shop around

The best ways to reduce the cost of auto insurance are to browse about and ask for discounts, using websites like as examples.

Additionally, maintaining coverage under their parent’s insurance, which provides affordable rates, can save drivers with a clean driving record a ton of money. In contrast, adding a young driver to an existing auto insurance policy can cost a few thousand annually, depending on the state.

2. Young drivers, work on improving your credit score for lower car insurance

Car insurance for new drivers can be expensive, but there are ways to find affordable coverage. Shopping around, qualifying for discounts (like a good student or driver education), keeping a clean driving record, and using telematics can all help lower the cost of insurance.

Adding a young driver to an existing policy is frequently less expensive than purchasing separate insurance, and some companies, like USAA, provide reduced rates to those who qualify. Other savings options include:

  • Choosing the state minimum liability limits
  • Older vehicles lose their collision or comprehensive coverage
  • Raising deductibles to save money

Many insurers also have loyalty programs that offer additional discounts over time.

3. Drive safely

Maintaining affordable vehicle insurance premiums requires maintaining a clean driving record. Avoid traffic violations and collisions as much as possible, especially in your first few years of driving, as they can drastically raise your rates.

As liability insurance is typically the bare minimum required by lenders and states, you can also consider forgoing complete coverage. Last but not least, you can receive lower rates by being designated as a driver on a policy with an experienced driver.

4. Lower insurance for young drivers: Get a good car

Getting the best car insurance for teenage drivers is a challenge. But it is possible to find affordable rates with a few tips. First, make sure your teen drives a safe car.

In many cases, it’s cheaper for a teen to stay on their parent’s policy than to get their own. But be careful – one accident could raise the premium significantly. To avoid this, consider raising the deductible on your vehicle to decrease the cost of coverage.

5. Get a good deductible

Good grades or adding a young driver to an existing policy with parents or another adult can earn you savings from many auto insurance providers. If your adolescent leaves their car at home and attends college more than 100 miles away, some providers, like State Farm, also provide a student away at school discount.

And here’s the final tip! You were likely waiting for this one.

6. Get a good policy

It’s important to shop around at renewal time, ask about discounts and review coverages to get the best deals. Keeping a clean driving record and not getting traffic tickets (even in rental cars, friends’ vehicles, or while driving out of state) are also essential to help reduce your premiums.

Some insurance companies offer extras like accident forgiveness, which can save lots of money since most at-fault accidents dramatically increase car insurance rates. Adding an experienced named driver, such as a parent, to your policy can save money too. Also, try dropping full coverage on older vehicles if you can afford to pay for liability-only policies instead.

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