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How to attract students to your academic institution

Attract students to academic institution

If you don’t feel you are attracting as many students as you could be, then now is the time for you to do something about that. A boost in enrollment is possible, but the change will require some work. This guide outlines some suggestions for attracting students to your university campus.

How to attract students: Tell a story

If you want to try and attract students to your university, then one thing you need to do is tell a story. You need to convince people to attend your facility, and you also need to illustrate your history in a truly unique way.

Think about it, does your story show students why your facility is the best option? What makes you stand out? Questions such as these are fundamental as they help you to convey a story.

It also explains how your university came to be. If you can show your incoming students what your institution’s values are and where your academic strengths lie, then this will help you to put a creative spin on what you are offering, so you can attract new students.

Maintain recruitment events

Never underestimate how good in-person recruitment events are. They are so very useful when the time comes for you to showcase everything your university has to offer.

Even though there are very productive ways to attract students online, you cannot underestimate how good it is to have a human connection. Students love to have someone in front of them to answer their questions.

If you have a booth at a recruitment event and an open campus tour, this will help students understand what it is like to study there. During these kinds of events, make sure that you distribute printing material, as this is a strong reminder of what assets your school has. If you want to take things to that next level then it is a good idea for you to carry out ERP evaluations where possible.

Enhance the visual appearance

Making your campus look fantastic might be very obvious, but many people forget how powerful curb appeal can be. Make your facility look well-maintained, and you also need to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Incorporating art pieces, including sculptures, inspirational quotes, and even lounge areas, can help here. Also, try to liven up the campus by adding modern furniture. If this is all possible, a major boost in student interest may result.

Final tips on how to attract students: Create a website

If your campus is great in-person, why not take steps to promote it online as well? Many younger people will find out about your facility by researching it online and you can get students attracted in your campus with your website.

A lot of the process for recruitment is now online too. If you want to stand out and showcase what your university can do, start creating a website. If you don’t have a great site, that will work against you in the long run and is the last thing you need.

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