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How to remain independent for as long as possible

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Feminism and independent living go hand in hand, and for many women, living an independent life is a choice that they make, irrespective of whether they are married or have a family of their own. This independence is a state of mind, and a way of being everyone needs to achieve and realize to become their true selves. Here are a few tips about this independent living and how you can achieve it.

Understand what your independence means

Being independent is very different from being alone. It’s about being able to stand on your own and face the adversities and joys of life. Being happy with yourself is key to this, and it is one of the major components of feminism. It is about being independent, strong, and not relying on anyone else unless they want to.

Family is indeed the core of current societal living, but the structure and the nature of families are changing. In these changes, there are several new and different options for women to live independent lives that speak more to their individuality and needs than only those of the family or their partners.

Be prepared to explain what you need to others

Having a clear understanding of what your independence means is essential. Why? To then be able to explain this to others who may be concerned that you are shutting them out or have insecurities about your role in their life.

Explain that your independence is about you and not a reflection of those around you. It’s not about isolating yourself; instead, it’s about being genuine and honest about your decisions and how and with whom you spend your time.

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Have a clear plan for your older years

The senior years are the ones that everyone needs to consider. If you are about your independence and the ability to live your own best life, then you need to have a clear plan for your later years.

Having professional trusted home health care is one of the aspects of such independence and a great example of the practicalities of an independent life that you need to consider. This means that even if you start to struggle with some tasks around your home, you can get the help you need to keep living the life you want.

You will need to organize practicalities like this and more if you want to maintain independence long into your senior years. Thoughtful planning and intention are essentials.

Have the financial needs or readjust your expectations

You will need to have sufficient funds for your old age and to be able to sustain an independent lifestyle, plan what you require and then save for it accordingly. Speak with those around you and with whom you have trust to determine the best means to achieve what you want. That helps ensure you have the money to pay for it all.

Also, read up on common financial challenges of independent women and more about financial freedom. That way you know what to potentially expect.

Takeaway on how to remain independent

Living an independent life can be a challenge to achieve and to allow others to understand. The tips and insights provided above can allow you to start in this direction if it is something you want or need.

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  1. We can be with someone and still be independent.

    My N&I have managed this with wildly separate careers, each our own studios, rarely do couples things…. really we each live our own lives.
    We meet at dinner and bed.
    The beauty is 2 incomes.

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