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6 tips to keep your lawn green in the summer heat

Lawn green in summer

With summer comes the heat. Keeping your lawn green and healthy in these conditions can be challenging, but some simple tips help your grass stay lush and vibrant all summer. In this blog post, find seven great ways to keep your home’s front and back yards looking their best during hot weather. Read through to the end for some extra tips and tricks!

Six tips to keep your lawn green in summer

Bring on the beautiful green! It makes your home look all the more attractive. Watering, as you can imagine, is a priority.

1. Water properly

You don’t need to wonder why your lawn turns brown and dry in summer – it’s because of the lack of water. During hot, dry days, ensure you give your lawn enough water so the roots reach deep into the soil to absorb all the necessary nutrients.

Also, avoid overwatering. Why? It can lead to fungal diseases or even kill off your lawn.

“Water properly” means doing so early in the morning before the day’s temperature is at its highest. This gives the grass time to soak up all the moisture and prevents evaporation. If you use a sprinkler system, don’t set it too high, which can cause runoff.

So, how much to water? Twice a week is usually adequate. That’s about 40 minutes a week in total, as per Bob Vila. If it gets extra hot, add a watering time.

2. Mow high

Mowing your lawn too short makes it look unattractive and can damage it in the long run. When cutting, set your mower blades higher than usual, as this will help promote healthy grass growth and reduce water loss.

Do you need some help in setting the blade height? Use a ruler or something similar to measure the grass height. Generally, it should be around 2-3 inches for most types of turfgrass. It’s essential that your lawn is not being mowed too short.

3. Fertilize regularly

Keeping your lawn nourished is essential if you want it to stay green and healthy in the summer heat. Consider a high-quality fertilizer designed for the type of grass you have to ensure it gets all the nutrients needed.

Remember to fertilize your lawn at least once a month during summer. Fertilizing more often than this could result in over-fertilization, damaging your lawn, and even causing weed growth. You can hire experts such as Heroes Lawn Care to provide a professional lawn care service.

4. Dethatch your lawn to keep it green in summer

Thatch is the layer below your growing grass, containing stems and roots, which accumulate on the surface of your lawn. Too much thatch can prevent your grass from getting the water and nutrients it needs, resulting in a dull-looking and unhealthy property.

Dethatch annually to ensure your lawn stays healthy during the summer heat. Try a thatching rake to rip up that under-layer if it’s a small area. For a more extensive area, a dethatching machine – or hiring a professional who has one – can provide fairly quick and easy results.

5. Aerate too

Aerating your lawn helps it absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. It also allows air into the soil, which is necessary if it’s plugged, to encourage healthy root growth and prevent compaction.

You can aerate your lawn manually with an aerator pole or hire an expert. Once a year, during the late summer or early fall, is what a lot of homeowners do.

6. Set up a shade structure

If you have certain areas of your lawn that get too much sun and heat, consider setting up some sort of shade structure. It could be an umbrella, a tarp, or even a gazebo. All these options will help keep the grass cool and protected from the sun.

Takeaway on keeping your lawn green in the summer heat

There’s a lot to learn about grass. We are in our first home where there is no strata to take care of it for us. Following these tips helps the lawn stays green and healthy even during the hottest summer months. Remember, a little effort now will go a long way in keeping your yard looking great for years to come.

Let me know what else is on the to-do list for the grass to keep it looking great!

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