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3 simple ways to support your child’s education

How to support your child's education

As a parent, you want your child to make the most of their educational journey. This is easier said than done, as every child differs in their academic needs, interests, and goals. That said, there are overarching ways to support your child’s education to increase their chances of academic success. If that’s what you’re looking for, this guide is for you.

1. Get involved as a parent

The first thing you need to try is to be as involved as possible in their academic journey. That involves attending parent-teacher conferences and volunteering when the opportunity arises. Making sure you stay up to date on your child’s progress at school will also help, as will being as engaged as possible when it comes to feedback.

When it comes to your child’s grades, be careful not to make your child feel bad if they are not doing as well as you think they could be. Instead, work with them to improve what they may be weak at, and continue to give them the support they need in the future.

A child’s worth is not based on grades. Their efforts are more important than the letter grade.

2. Make sure they finish any homework

It can be easy for kids to want to skip out on doing homework. They may feel as though they would rather play video games or hang out with their friends. Over time, they may develop the habit of procrastinating. They might also thrive on instant gratification, seeking out the enjoyable activities they can do now rather than working toward a school deadline down the road.

Parents can encourage children to do homework after class to help them avoid bad habits that stick around into adulthood. Work with them to ensure they are not missing out on any important projects due soon.

When they sit down and apply themselves, treat them with a fun activity afterward. It could be a family game night or an hour playing video games. If you have an older child, you can help them going forward by enrolling them in an educational establishment that supports online senior school years 9-12.

3. Encourage a willingness to learn

Learning doesn’t have to be boring or something to avoid! Make it a more positive experience for your little one! For example, get them a library card and go together once a week, where they can pick out books they want to read. Try reading books together too, and discuss the story during and afterward.

Books open the way to the imagination and understanding of new concepts. New worlds await within the pages!

Engage in conversations with your child about the school, asking about activities and not only focusing on grades. Another tip is to tell them what you are learning and stay positive when talking with them.


The main thing is you’re doing your best as a parent! If you’re unsure how to support your child academically, ask their school counselor or teacher for suggestions.

Find out what other parents do that works well in their homes. Do any of your friends with grownup children look back and see how they could have helped their family better? Find out what they learned that might help your family.

Of course, knowing how to help your child with their education can be challenging. But continuing to try to find the best ways to support them is so important as a parent.

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