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International Women’s Day Spotlight: Artist Julie Loeckx

Artist Julie Loeckx and her painting

Happy International Women’s Day! Today’s spotlight is on artist Julie Loeckx, whose colorful paintings of women channel feminism into this special day and beyond. Moreover, as you’ll see below, this spotlight is also a great contribution to Women’s History Month.

About artist Julie Loeckx

Julie Loeckx is multi-talented, wearing several hats over her lifetime as so many women do. At 46 years old, she is skilled as a landscape architect, urban planner, and real estate broker. She is also a mother of three. Julie Loeckx was in the real estate business for 20 years – until she discovered the magic of art and became unstoppable.

For two years, she painted at night and ran her business by day. That is, until she finally chose her real passion: making art.

Today, Julie Loeckx has made and sold over 100 pieces of art (both portraits and abstract works). She also runs her own art gallery, has had a lot of attention in the media, and has done many inspiring collaborations.

Julie Loeckx on her artwork

Julie kindly contributed a guest submission to the When Women Inspire blog. As she explains, her paintings “represent female empowerment in a very strong way. The strength, power, and emotion catch your eye and hold your attention. The expression of the eyes penetrates a strong emotion and raises questions about the story behind.”

“There is beauty and feminity. And a glimpse of fashion!” That’s how Julie explained her art to me.

The combination of colors, patterns, emotion, and strength – with a bohemian or vintage touch – make Loeckx’s works extraordinary. The paintings are eye-catching.

On International Women’s Day

I asked Julie Loeckx why she feels the need to represent both beauty and power of women in her art.

She explained, “Growing up as a daughter of a diehard feminist hippie and granddaughter of an absolute businesswoman, I have seen both worlds. I have a very strong vision on feminism and feminity.”

Julie Loeckx:

“I regret women often don’t realize their own power, strength, and beauty.”

“I believe that if you really want something, you always can achieve it. I started from nothing and realized almost all my dreams. If you have got the guts, are willing to work extremely hard, and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!”

“I think the biggest struggle of women is the responsibility of kids, taking care of the household on the one hand and going their own path on the other. Finding the balance between both and making choices is what I see as the biggest obstacle for women to grow.”

“For me, women have so many skills they don’t even realize. Women can be so strong, merciless towards themselves to achieve their goals, hardworking, can be so efficient, organized, and focused if they really want it. And they have their femininity, charm, and beauty as a surplus.”

“Not to forget: women own the most subtle skills to manipulate and put something to their advantage without anyone realizing (haha, confession to make). And to be honest, what would the world be without women?”

“I’ve been in the business world for 20 years and have discovered the art world only a short time, and I’ve seen it all. Women can have the power; let’s go for it!”

Thank you for being here, Julie Loeckx!

Julie shows how you can find your passion at any phase in life. Please take that sense of empowerment and let it motivate you! On International Women’s Day and always.


Top Photo: Artist Julie Loeckx stands beside her painting. Photo used with Loeckx’s permission.

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