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7 Healthy Habits to Practice This Year

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to become healthier in 2023, you might want to do monthly reviews to see how far along you are to achieving your goal. If you remain far from your ideal milestones, you can adopt a few healthy practices to boost your well-being.

To help you along this path, here are seven healthy habits to follow this year.

1. Get an Ideal Amount of Sleep

When you are young, it is easy to consider sleep as an overrated activity that takes time away from your daily plans. But as you age, the importance of winding down and resting for a few hours makes its presence known through the effects on your body. Besides helping you relax, high-quality sleep contributes to your heart health, mental strength, and overall well-being. Due to these reasons, make it a point to learn how to get better sleep to improve your health.

2. Vow to Read More Books

Regardless of age, reading books is a surefire way to transport yourself to a new world, learn a plethora of exciting information, and increase your knowledge about different topics. From young adult books to self-help titles, you can choose between various genres that appeal to you. Reading more books can stimulate your mind, reduce stress, and alleviate depression, among other benefits. That makes it a healthy habit that deserves your attention.

3. Make Healthier Food Choices

When you eat healthy foods, the feat becomes easy to achieve. You can find something that works for you and your preferred ingredients by looking into different recipes. If you don’t like cooking, you can also subscribe to a healthy meal delivery service. This small change in your lifestyle can go a long way toward elevating your health.

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4. Prefer Water Over Other Drinks

Sugary and creamy drinks have a way of easily gaining your attention. But if you drink too many milkshakes and lattes, the excessive sugar and calories can lead to issues, such as skin challenges, digestive problems, and weight gain concerns. On the other hand, drinking zero-calorie water helps you reap the rewards such as keeping your skin healthy, your joints lubricated, and your blood flow regulated. Being mindful of these advantages, you prefer to drink water whenever you are thirsty to boost your health.

5. Perform Regular Exercise

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape. At the same time, it is also an amazing path to ensure that you stay healthy and happy for years. Whether you subscribe to a platform for online fitness training or a local gym for in-person coaching, regular exercise can help your muscle, bone, and mental health. When exercising is an integral part of your lifestyle, you can also keep your heart, lungs, and overall body healthy.

6. Volunteer and Donate Whenever Possible

Feeling fulfilled in your being is an important way to regulate your stress levels and improve your joy. In turn, it remains a great path to unlocking inner peace and staying away from feelings of helplessness and depression. Through creative ways to give back to the world, you can achieve this goal and gather the motivation to do more things for yourself. This acts as a dual benefit of societal and personal gain.

7. Make Plans With Loved Ones

Humans are social animals. This means craving social contact and feeling dismayed at not having it is normal for anyone. But this becomes a problem when a lack of social activities starts getting to you, it can trigger loneliness, anxiety, and lower mood. To prevent this, try to socialize with loved ones regularly. To stay in touch with multiple people, you can also look into a group chat app.

Looking into these habits can help you become healthier and more joyful in 2023. Once you get used to these practices, if they work well for you, continue following them for many years!

This post is for information purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always see your doctor to get their approval before making changes to your exercise or food routines.


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    1. I’m usually wide awake for at least an hour in the middle of the night, but I don’t fret about it any longer, it just seems to be my sleep pattern, and I am not fatigued the next day. Actually, this pattern of sleep used to be quite common (I know there are a lot of us 3 a.m. folks out there). Just do a search for “Second Sleep.” Most interesting.

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