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What To Do with A Bedroom When Your Kid Moves Out

Flat screen TV in bedroom

The day your child moves into their own living space usually brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, you’re happy to see your offspring finally become independent, yet seeing them leave is sure to be traumatic to some degree. Once that day finally arrives, you have the opportunity to reclaim the room, and with that in mind, here are some ideas for what to do with the spare bedroom.

Six Ways to Transform a Bedroom When Your Child Moves Out

Whether they are 19 or 29 when your kid moves into their new place, it’s a jarring change for most parents. The household is likely quieter without the TikTok noise coming from their phone, there’s a sense of loneliness with the change, and coming to terms with your little one being an adult can be difficult (and a source of pride).

As you look around the now-empty bedroom, do you see the potential to create a new purpose for the room? If you’re looking for inspiration, here are six ideas:

1. Home Theatre

If you and your partner (if you have one) love nothing more than watching epic movies, now is the chance to create a home theatre with comfy seating and a big screen. If the household budget stretches that far, why not invest in a great-quality screen for the ultimate viewing experience?

Along with a 4K flatscreen, set up a couple of comfortable armchairs, a sofa, and blackout blinds. Your new home theatre is coming together!

Wall insulation might be a good idea if you want to have the sound levels high. Materials like cork are best to use for this purpose.

2. Home Office

If you run a business, why not turn the bedroom into a home office? Measure the office desk before buying it to make sure it will fit your PC, keyboard, mouse, and printer/scanner comfortably. Invest in an ergonomic chair, too, and your back will thank you.

Regarding flooring, you can find an established cork floors Brisbane supplier or a store in your area, and they have an installation service. With vertical blinds and some task lighting, you have the basics for a home office.

3. Woman’s Cave

If you have a hobby, why not convert the room into a man cave woman’s zone? Whether you love to escape after a busy day by journaling, reading, doing yoga, collecting stamps, or something else, you can designate this room for your fave hobby.

Using this room for the activities, you love means you don’t have to put everything away at the end of a session. It can be a private space to use whenever you have free time or need to getaway from daily stresses. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a new pastime, in which case, you have a great space that won’t bother family members who also live there.

Woman sits in renovated bedroom
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

More ideas for what to do with a bedroom

Here are three more creative ideas for the space you now have with your child growing up and moving out:

4. Guest Room

Of course, when your child or a friend wants to stay overnight, you could turn the spare room into a guest room that has a retreat-like ambiance about it. This relaxing vibe is ideal when people visit from far away, as you can offer a comfortable room for the night, which is great for Christmas and New Year.

To create a welcoming space, consider adding a desk and comfortable chair, extra blankets, and an alarm clock. Perhaps you even stack a few books on the bedside table for them to peruse.

5. Create An Art Studio

If you love to paint, draw, or create any other kind of art, now is the opportunity to transform the room into an art studio. There’s space to set up an easel and and have a quiet place to get creative.

Decorate the room in such a way as to bring the desired ambiance. Blackout blinds can help you reduce the light and also provide privacy from neighbors. If the room is quiet, that will help your concentration, so you might want to consider sound insulation too.

6. Take In a Lodger

If you find it hard to make ends meet financially, why not place an ad for a single professional or student to rent the room? The rental would certainly come in handy, and if you find the right tenant, this experience can be a wonderful one.

If you can save the rent money, it might pay for a holiday abroad after a year. Of course, some people do not want to share their living space with a stranger, so write out a pros and cons list to help your household decide what’s best.

Takeaway on What To Do with That Spare Bedroom Now

The above suggestions are just a few ways to use the spare room that you now have, which is much better than just leaving it as an empty room. Create a new purpose for it to get the most out of your home in this next phase of your life. The next time your grown-up child comes over, they will be surprised by the update!


Top photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

13 thoughts on “What To Do with A Bedroom When Your Kid Moves Out”

  1. Love the inspiration – makes me wish we had a spare room. I bet my parents think the same as they can’t get rid of me! A woman cave, about time that was a ‘thing’, it’s such a good idea. I think these days the answer for a lot of parents when their kid moves out is to leave it exactly as it is… because everything is too expensive and said kid will move back home before you know it 😂

  2. Terrific ideas, Christy and a question we are just starting to ponder over. Our son is in his final year of university and is starting his new job later this year. So far we’ve left his room as it is but four years on maybe it is time for a change. It’s tough though! A physical acceptance that era is now and well truly over. Also, what exactly to turn the room into! At the moment we are veering towards library / music room! My husband and I both had huge amounts of books we gave away when we met but hundreds still stored in the loft along with huge LP collection! Thanks for the nudge to take this question up seriously and make the change!

    1. A library / music room sounds wonderful, Annika! I always love the look of books lining shelves and wonder what the stories are within them :) I hope you and hubby decide what’s right for you, and that your son enjoys visiting and seeing the transformation!

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