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Can you get braces while pregnant?

Braces while pregnant

Being pregnant and making sure that your body, along with your baby, is healthy can be challenging. Poor hygiene can happen, not out of laziness but because you’re so busy. If you want to correct your smile, look for orthodontic treatments in your area to inquire about what to do about your teeth. Although you may associate braces with adolescents, these dental devices can help align the teeth and improve their functioning at any age. So, does that mean that you can get braces while pregnant?

The answer to ‘can you get braces while pregnant?’

Yes! You don’t have to delay getting braces because you’re expecting a child. It’s more common than you might think.

But there are a few things to know. Firstly, ensure the dental professional knows you are pregnant before starting the treatment, so they avoid doing X-rays.

Secondly, try not to get the braces close to the baby’s due date. That way, you have as much time as possible to get used to the braces.

If you’ve wanted to straighten your teeth ever since you were in middle school or if it’s something that just occurred to you, cross it off your to-do list before your child is born. Below are more things to know about braces.

Braces aren’t just for kids

Let’s put to rest the myth that braces are only for youngsters. While kids are often the ones who get these dental devices, once their permanent teeth grow in, adults are able to get them too. There are options that are near invisible if you worry about how they will look.

What exactly are braces?

Good question! Braces are dental appliances consisting of wires and brackets fastened to the teeth and adjusted regularly to shift the teeth’ position gradually. When the teeth are in correct alignment, biting, chewing, and speaking become much simpler tasks.

On the other hand, teeth that are not correctly aligned are more challenging to clean. They also might cause abnormal enamel wear over time.

Metal braces are common, and the other types include clear and lingual braces. While it might not be a dental necessity to get them, skipping out on orthodontic care puts some people in a position where they will need substantial dental work in the future, which can be expensive.

Are braces safe for the baby?

When it comes to having braces while pregnant, the primary fear that many expectant mothers have is whether or not the appliance would be harmful to the developing baby. The material that the brackets are made of concerns many folks.

The good news is that it is safe for most woman to wear braces during pregnancy, however, tell her dentist about the pregnancy as it may affect the approach. The X-ray activity is the only portion of the process deemed to have a sliver of a chance of being dangerous.

If you have already had your X-rays done, that’s great. Your orthodontic specialist can also walk you through a comprehensive range of alternatives to braces that are tailored to meet your specific needs if braces aren’t right for you.

The discomforts of braces while pregnant

Having braces on when pregnant or not might still lead to an overall sense of discomfort. During the first weeks after the procedure, you might experience some swelling and pain, but these symptoms should go away over time.

The uncomfortable sensation that many first-time orthodontic patients report experiencing is quite normal. Again, this should become less of an issue as your oral cavity adjusts to provide more room, and your tongue alters its activities to compensate for the appliance inside your mouth.

You may experience difficulties in speaking, such as lisps, whistles, and other impediments, until you acclimatize to the new environment. You can fix that problem by practicing challenging words and phrases more frequently.

Also, your orthodontist will likely suggest getting a softer toothbrush for braces. Cleaning around the brackets and wires can be challenging, so use the techniques the professional recommends to you.

Pregnancy and the braces diet

Did you know that consuming a diet high in protein promotes healthy breast milk production? It can also boost your energy levels.

In addition, ensure you have a range of other foods for nutritional balance. That includes healthy fats, fresh veggies and fruits, calcium-dense foods, and whole grains.

Eggs, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, cheese, and yogurt are excellent protein sources for those who wear braces. Fish is another excellent source of protein, but if you are pregnant, steer clear of any species of fish that may contain mercury. That includes swordfish and mackerel.

You might want to avoid specific cuts of meat while you have braces since they are difficult to chew. For example, beef jerky and tough cuts of steak can be challenging to chew and might get caught in the dental appliances as you try to break them apart with your teeth.

Also, do your best to avoid foods with a big crunch, such as pretzels and apples. Overly gummy foods, such as gummy bears, have the potential to get caught in braces. The same is true for popcorn.

If you experience swollen gums during pregnancy, you have the temptation to chew on ice to dull the pain. Don’t! It might cause your brackets to break.

Final thoughts on braces while pregnant

It is usually safe to receive orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. Nevertheless, whether you are pregnant or trying to conceive, discussing any medical procedures with your OB/GYN, midwife, or another healthcare expert before undergoing any medical treatment is a wise idea.

Also, tell your orthodontist about your pregnancy or that you are trying to get pregnant before getting braces. They can then customize the process to protect your unborn child.

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