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Your New Year’s Eve party checklist

New Year's Eve party checklist

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and if you’re planning a party, you may need a helping hand. When there’s a lot to do, it’s easy to forget something important. If you plan well ahead, you can avoid that happening. So, what do you need to keep everyone pleased? Take a look at this simple New Year’s Eve party checklist to ring in new beginnings with a bang.

New Year’s Eve party checklist: Food and drink

One of the most essential aspects of throwing a good party is having plenty of food and drink. If it’s a formal party, you may want to hire a chef to create a menu, but if you’re keeping it casual, a buffet is a great idea. It will allow your guests to serve themselves when they want to throughout the evening.

Don’t forget the champagne! Most people will want a glass of sparkling in their hands as they count down to the new year. As the clock chimes twelve, you can raise a glass to a healthy and happy 2023.


Arguably the worst part of preparing for visitors is ensuring the housekeeping is done. You’ll want to welcome visitors into a clean home, so doing a deep clean in the lead-up to New Year’s Eve is imperative. If you don’t have time, take a look at

There will also be cleaning to do after the party. You probably won’t find many guests sticking around to help you clean up, unfortunately. So, you may want to hire the same cleaning crew for New Year’s Day.


Everyone wants to go into the new year laughing and enjoying themselves. How extravagant your entertainment is, is up to you. Perhaps you’ll want to hire a band or a casino for your party. Photo booths always go down well at any event too.

However, if your party is intimate, you don’t need to spend much money on entertainment. A simple karaoke machine and a few board games will suffice. A family game of charades will always get people laughing.

On the checklist: Decorations and NYE party favors

Decorations can be kept simple, or you can go all out. The theme for New Year’s Eve is always glitz and glamor, so anything that sparkles is fair game. Decorate your tables with tablecloths and confetti, and hang streamers and string lights around your home.

Make sure each person gets a party popper, 2023 glasses or crowns, and a sparkler. Celebrate the arrival of the new year with your party favors but be sure to use them safely.

Remember that many people tend to drink more than they usually would on New Year’s Eve. To be a responsible host, monitor how much your guests are drinking and offer non-alcoholic drinks and food at regular intervals. Staying sober will ensure you can keep the party going while keeping everyone safe. Arrange cabs if they insist on heading home after the party.

What else helps make for a great New Year’s Eve party?

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