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Beppie talks about JUNO nomination and making positive music kids love

Juno-nominated Beppie

Singer Beppie is all about the happy. If you listen to any of her songs, you’ll likely end up smiling and even laughing. She’s making music for kids, their grown-ups, and those who embrace their inner child. In our recent interview, she shared about the thrill of being nominated for a 2019 JUNO award for Children’s Album of the Year. She talks about her family, her album Nice to Meet You, and much more.

I was over the moon when Stephanie Nhan, who sings under the name Beppie, stopped by to talk with me. Here is our conversation.

Disclosure: This sponsored post highlights the way listening to music can make the soul happy and how singer Beppie wants to do exactly that with her positive songs.

Interview with singer Beppie

A great place to start the interview with Beppie’s JUNO nomination. The JUNO awards celebrate Canadian musical artists and bands for their artistic and technical talents that advance the area of music.

Congratulations on your 2019 JUNO nomination! Can you tell us about the moment when you found out you were nominated?

It was a crazy moment! I didn’t want to go through the anxiety of sitting and watching the press conference that day. So I was staying off of social media and the internet.

I knew that they were announcing the nominees that day, but I had no idea what time. I was just doing my thing, keeping busy.

I hopped in the shower to get ready for work, and when I got out of the shower, my phone was blowing up, and I quickly realized that I was nominated. I spent the next little while running around, shrieking with excitement, shaking, [and] calling all my family and friends. It was one of my top ten moments in my life.

So exciting. Your newest album Nice To Meet You is all about positive vibes. What can listeners look forward to?

This album is a snapshot of childhood. Every song carries a bit of nostalgia for those moments that linger with us from our youth. The brain freezes (Brain Freeze) from the Slurpees we drank too fast, the bestest friend forever we met 30 seconds ago at the park (Nice to Meet You), and the silly dances we made up (Chickie Wing).

That electric feeling you get when it’s Friday, and you are just about to leave school to enjoy the weekend (Freakin’ Out). Trying to figure out what to wear in the morning and then picking the least weather-appropriate outfit possible (What Should I Wear?).

This album isn’t just about childhood, it’s about our childhoods. Nice to Meet You is simply a conduit to help you get back there, so you can see the world again through the eyes of childhood. Your kids will love it too!

Nice To Meet You Album Cover Album cover of Beppie’s album Nice To Meet You. Image courtesy of Eric Alper.

Do you write your own words and music?

We absolutely do. When my producer (Justin “Dunna” McDonough) and I started working together, we did include a couple covers. I think we have released close to 60 songs at this point, and only a few of those are covers or arrangements.

We have moved away from that. Our last two albums are all original tunes that we co-wrote together.

Who are you making music for?

I make music for families, kids, [and] the young at heart. I make music that is appealing to everyone, not just kids.

I would say my biggest fans right now are in the age range of 0-11. I’m learning that once you reach the age of 12, you are too cool for anything labeled as “family” content.

Beppie, who inspires you to be creative?

Oh, this is an easy question. My kiddos.

I have 3 little kids. Amelia is six, Elliot is nine, and Oliver is twelve. We are a quirky bunch. We turn all kinds of moments into songs.

Those little moments become ideas for bigger songs, and it just snowballs from there. I get ideas from my music students sometimes too. But almost every song off of the new album started with my kids in some way.

I love that your kids spark your creativity. Please tell us a bit about your previous albums

I have released five full-length albums and one holiday EP so far. My favourite album before we released Nice to Meet You is Song Soup. We put so much much time, care, quality, humour into that one.

We were really hoping to get another JUNO nod with Song Soup, but we didn’t quite get there. We did get nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for the first time with Song Soup. We are super proud of it.

Our holiday/winter EP, It’s Snow Time, is also fire. If you haven’t heard it, it’s hilarious and fun, and I have a ballad on there called Cats Love Christmas Too, where I do a duet with a cat. I really do love my job.

The cats song is awesome. Your music is described as ‘genre-bending.’ What does that mean?

We love to write our music in different styles and genres. So we aren’t exclusively committing to any one genre like folk or rock. We have a little bit of everything across our discography.

We’ve done jazz, pop, rock, heavy metal, country, folk, a capella, hip hop, EDM, Polka, Polka with a 90s dance remix, and more. We love to mix genres and push ourselves out of our comfort zones to try new sounds.

What else sets your music apart from others making children’s music, Beppie?

We like to stick with modern sounds. We really focus on radio quality production. Our music is like a lot of music that you would hear on the radio right now, but we make the lyrics and themes family oriented.

We are weird and funny and adventurous. We love to explore new limits.

Our music comes from this place of authenticity. Every song has a genuine backstory and purpose.

We don’t just write songs for the sake of writing songs. We write them because we are inspired to. Our experiences are woven into our songs, and that connects us to people in a big way.

When you’re having a rough day, how do you get back into a positive mindset?

This is going to sound super cheesy, but music helps me find a way back when I get caught up in the chaos of life. It’s so powerful.

I can write or listen to music, and it can completely change my mood and my outlook. I also manifest what I want from my life. If I ever need to ground myself, I just focus on where it is I want to be and what it is I need in that moment.

Where you can find Beppie’s music

You can listen to Beppie’s newest album anywhere online! Choose your favourite music service to listen to Nice to Meet You.

Connect with Beppie further at her website. You can also find her on social media at Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As a fellow Canadian who loves positivity in all its forms, I’m cheering this talented artist on! Thank you, Beppie (Stephanie), for taking the time here today and creating so many fun songs.


Top photo courtesy of Eric Alper.

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