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Finding the right bra: 6 considerations for more comfort

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It shouldn’t be a difficult process, but amazingly, finding the right bra can seem like an elusive concept. When it comes to finding the right unlined bras that suit your style and are a good fit, what are the things you need to remember? In other words, how can you get a more comfortable one?

Top considerations to find the right bra:

1. Understand your real measurements

It is amazing how many people make a big mistake at the first hurdle by wearing the wrong size. The fact is that whether you are looking for cute balconette bras that make you feel sexy underneath or a nursing bra, whatever it is, you’ve got to understand what your measurements truly are. As your body weight changes, this will have a direct impact on your bra size.

2. Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed during a fitting

If you decide to go for a bra fitting, you may feel that this is too intimate an experience. But the fact is that if you are going somewhere for a fitting, there is never judgment from the fitters.

So many people feel insecure or intimidated by going for a bra fitting. But the fact is that you could end up being fitted for a bra that completely changes how you feel for the better.

3. Don’t be tempted by the cheap options

It’s always about quality. You may opt for a cheap bra because of limited finances, but a good quality one will last longer and offer far superior support.

When you are looking for the right bra that makes you feel better in yourself, find something with a power mesh that holds the band. Why? It gives you far better support where it counts.

4. For the right bra, look at the seam

When looking for the right bra, structured cups will give your breasts the right lift and the best shape, but only if it has a seam across them. A seam running across the bra will make the breasts look fuller, but seams that go up and down make the breast look more centered.

5. Bigger cup sizes don’t mean less fashionable options

Once upon a time, women with large breasts found it more difficult to find bra sizes that brought style and support. There are a wide variety of fashionable bras in sizes DD and larger.

Style is, of course, something that makes us feel sexier in ourselves, and opting for something that’s purely comfortable can feel like you are settling for the least flattering option. There are plenty of options out there.

6. Make sure it fits around the frame

One of the biggest mistakes many of us make is thinking that a loose bra would be more comfortable. The right bra needs to feel snug because if it is too loose, it will make your breasts feel unstable. The best rule of thumb is to ensure the bra is tight enough to fit two fingers under the band.

Takeaway on choosing the right bra

When it comes to finding the right bra, there are many things to consider. If you’ve been unable to find the ideal fit or anything that suits your style or the time of year, rest assured, there is a lot out there. It’s just about knowing what it takes to get the right ones.



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