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Let’s talk feminist wellness retreats! Q&A with Adora Winquist

Adora Winquist

Adora Winquist is a feminine wellness retreat specialist, educator of healing traditions, and lover of empowering others. I interviewed her to talk about the feminist wellness retreats she helps to lead as a guide. The Divine Feminine Immersion Retreat will happen on October 27-30th in Boone, North Carolina. As it’s around the corner, we focused much of our conversation on it.

Disclosure: This sponsored post aims to educate on femininity, wellness, healing, and more.

Interview with Adora Winquist

Adora Winquist devotes her time to helping others with the process of self-exploration to lead a life of authenticity, both with themselves and the world. One way to achieve this end is through feminist wellness retreats.

The Divine Feminine Immersion Retreat in Boone, NC, is coming up! Let’s get to the interview:

Adora, what exactly is the ‘Divine Feminine’?

The Divine Feminine is an archetypal aspect to every individual.  It is a source of power in a receptive and balanced nature which exists within all of humanity.

It is our sacred source of creatrix energy: It is nurturing, loving, compassionate, sensual, creative, intuitive. And it is infused with innate mystical powers and psychic connection.

Who can benefit from attending this feminist wellness retreat?

Anyone and everyone.

All of us who need a reset and to revitalize our relationship with ourselves and our creative process. All of us that spend more time taking care of others and who need to focus on ourselves for a change.

All of us who wish to connect with nature and our inner selves to expand and deepen their journey towards betterment in our lives. All of us are looking for simple, practical, and profound daily practices to elevate our greater fulfillment and energy in life.

Any of us that are in a process of or are healing from chronic illness. All of us that long to be in a sacred community of like-minded individuals to grow and heal and elevate ourselves through becoming vulnerable with one another.

All of us that long for greater nurturance and practices of self-care that honor our body, mind, and spirit.

What can people expect from attending?

The mission of our retreat program is:

  • Clear the path ahead of you to
  • Create the life you born to live to
  • Shift your mindset and vibrational point of attraction to
  • Expand the understanding of your true self, path and purpose in life
  • Strengthen your body, emotions and spiritual connection to
  • Energize your life purpose and THRIVE

Retreat attendees will experience hands-on learning of life-changing interventions led by experts in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and spatial wellness.

I will be teaching on spiritual alchemy and how to understand our core patterns and how they either contribute to our greater good or limit our ability to thrive in life. I will be guiding transformational healing sessions with essential oils and crystals to shift these patterns and assimilate the wisdom of our soul work. I will also be teaching Aromatic Neural Repatterning, a modality that I created to heal from trauma and enhance emotional resilience with essential oils.

Together we will experience profound holographic meditations, learn accessible practices of Yoga, Breathwork, and Feng Shui, make our own essential oil medicine, create a map for our health and harmony, and so much more. The Art of Living Retreat Center is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where you can envelop yourself in 360 acres of pristine forests beckoning you to explore the prolific nature trails.

This event is open to all genders. I love that you are encouraging femininity in all, not just women. Why do you choose to promote femininity?

My personal healing from adolescent depression and anxiety, then later years with endometriosis, and the incredible wisdom that came from those debilitating experiences. This drove me to support women along their own path of healing to find the strength and empowerment required to rise from the adversity we all face in life.

We all have a feminine aspect within calling out for balance. Whether we have a masculine or feminine form, we all have places inside to heal to be able to live in greater harmony, joy, and fulfillment.

Ultimately, if we’re going to embody the Divine Feminine and all of her glorious forms, facets, and attributes, we need to view life from a unified perspective. We need to find the balance within ourselves and in relationships where there is equality and equanimity.

What do you hope people will take away from this experience?

  • Skills to empower your highest magnetic point of abundance creation
  • Greater emotional resilience through the understanding and transmutation of limited patterns
  • Knowledge and practice of how to create their own alchemical aromatherapy blends for themselves and their loved ones.
  • A road map for healing, harmony, vibrancy, and abundance in your day-to-day life
  • An enhanced intuitive skill set that will support you through your continued process of transformation and self-mastery

To name a few!

How did the idea for this retreat originate? Is it the first retreat, or how long have you been a guide?

2021 marked the first inaugural retreat of the Soul Institute for Quantum Living with our Mary Magdalene Retreat in Southern France. This retreat had been three years in the making and exceeded every dream I had as a leader.

While swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with my besties Patsy and Karla, we dreamed of co-leading an event together that would showcase our unique expertise and common ground of healing, health, harmony, and empowerment in the Divine Feminine.

How often do these retreats happen?

We have a yearly Aromatic Alchemy of Mary Magdalene Retreat in Southern France. In 2023, we will be traveling Sept 19-27, and it looks like we may be close to sold out already. There will also be a Fall event in India and smaller events around the US in 2023 as well including LA in January.

We will also have another Divine Feminine Immersion retreat, date TBD but perhaps January 2024.

A giveaway Adora Winquist wants you to know about

There’s a special giveaway for the first five people to sign-up for the Divine Feminine Immersion Retreat from now until October 22nd! Winners will receive 10% OFF the total cost with our global promo, and a bonus gift of:

  • A set of Affirmation Cards to transform your life with positive intentions
  • Mood Elixir Roll-On to empower your feel-good mood
  • Rosophia Crystal to connect to your Divine Feminine Wisdom
  • An Atomizer Necklace to take your favorite EO with you wherever you go!

Sign Up Here to Enter!

Thanks for being here today, Adora Winquist!

I appreciate her goal to encourage femininity in all genders. She is seeking to elevate awareness in others about both themselves and their surroundings, which is important work. Plus, a retreat sounds like a terrific way to spend a few days!

Have you ever been to a retreat? How do you define femininity?


Top photo courtesy of @AdoraWinquist.

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