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Navigating Uncertainty Summit aims to improve DEI in the workplace

Navigating Uncertainty Summit for workplace DEI

Will you attend the Navigating Uncertainty Summit 2022 on October 14th? There are two in-person locations in South Carolina, or you can attend virtually. The conference includes talks from some of the top DEI leaders. DEI is an acronym for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here’s more about the event to promote DEI in the workplace and some of the speakers to look forward to.

What is the Navigating Uncertainty Summit?

The 2022 event focuses on overcoming companies’ challenges in creating an inclusive environment. While hiring a diverse workforce is a good start, there are certain initiatives to put in place for improvement, or the risk is that not everyone feels welcome.

Several experts will speak during the one-day conference about how businesses can encourage inclusion and diversity, have positive social effects, and spur innovation. They are leaders in healthcare, education, and corporate.

Along with the presentations, there are panel discussions. That’s great because communication is the way forward!

The event is brought together by the Glenn Llopis Group (GLLG) and Leadership in the Age of Personalization (LAOP). GLLG is a national workforce development and business strategy consulting firm, and LAOP is a grassroots movement to restore human dignity through corporations. Glenn Llopis is the President/CEO of GLLG and Founder of LAOP.

How will this event encourage DEI in the workplace?

“We are a nation burning out – not just because we’re working so hard, but because we’re doing that without any authentic connection to and belief in what we’re doing,” says Llopis. “The negative forces of standardization have stripped us of our dignity.

“Only by embracing individuality in ourselves and others can we begin to find our purpose,” adds Llopis. “Everyone grapples with how to serve more-informed individuals, while seeking growth amidst marketplace uncertainty and disruption. This movement is for leaders who want to escape that trap and activate individual capacity at scale.”

I think Llopis explains well why implementing DEI is a challenge for many businesses. I commend those involved in the conference for wanting to create a better future.

Interested in learning more about workplace culture? Check out this interview with Balance by Nature founder Nicole Mixdorf on workplace wellness programming for the whole person

2 DEI leaders who will speak at the Summit

Several keynote speakers and presentations comprise this event. Among the experts scheduled to speak at this year’s Navigating Uncertainty Summit are Miriam Harris Lewis and Angela L. Talton, MBA. Here is a bit about these two DEI leaders:

Miriam Harris Lewis, Chief Inclusion Officer at Principal Financial Group

Miriam Harris Lewis is the Chief Inclusion Officer at Principal Financial Group®. In that role, she has global responsibility for designing, leading and implementing strategies that foster a more inclusive workplace, increase employee performance, drive better outcomes for customers, and ultimately improve business results.

Prior to joining Principal® in July 2019, Lewis worked for 16 years at The Clorox Company, where she earned roles of increasing responsibility in D&I and supply chain. She also co-chaired the company’s employee giving campaign, which generated record donations for non-profit organizations. Lewis previously held positions with The Coca-Cola Company and First Family Financial Services, which was later acquired by Citigroup Financial Services.

Angela L. Talton, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at City of Hope Medical Center

Angela L. Talton, MBA,  joined City of Hope as Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer on January 11, 2021. In the newly created position, Talton leads the development of a vision and strategy for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and ensuring measurable accountability and commitment to initiatives as she works closely with administrative, clinical and research leaders across the organization.

She serves as a member of City of Hope’s executive leadership team. Talton has successfully advised national clients through her firm, ALTalton Consulting. From 2012 to 2019, Talton held diversity and inclusion leadership roles at industry leader Nielsen, as Chief Diversity Officer and as SVP, Global Diversity and Inclusion.

The lineup for the 2022 event includes several other experts too.

How and where to attend the Navigating Uncertainty Summit

There are two in-person locations for the event this year and a virtual option to live stream it. That gives you many ways to get in on the conversation to improve DEI in the workplace.

The main location is at Clemson Business University in Clemson, South Carolina. There is also a Satellite Viewing Party at the Greenville ONE Center Auditorium in Greenvill, South Carolina. Or, watch the live stream virtually from the comfort of your home or office.

Registration is free for the virtual option. Find out more about attending the 2022 Navigating Uncertainty Summit here and register while there are still spots available!

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