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Internships abroad: What benefits can you look forward to?

Internships abroad benefits

Are you considering pursuing an internship abroad? Whether you have received this exciting opportunity or are researching in the hopes of securing one in the future, this post is coming to you at the right time. Below are the top benefits of internships abroad.

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What exactly is an internship abroad?

An international internship is a work position in an organization overseas. It is temporary and may or may not be a paid form of employment, depending on the agreed-upon terms and applicable law. Unpaid terms are common for those who are interning to receive academic credit toward graduation. Many companies, though, pay interns in the private sector in various industries, from finance to fashion.

As for the usual length of time, interning typically ranges from 1 month to 1 year. Yes, that’s quite the span! The number of hours you can expect to work also can vary widely. For example, you might be working close to full-time as a paid intern. Many internships are available year-round.

Ultimately, an internship, whether it is overseas or not, provides a learning experience that can help advance one’s education or career path. The individual’s goal is to learn or further develop skills in an area of interest and helps to develop a professional network.

Big benefits of internships abroad

Now that you know more about the topic let’s explore the many reasons to pursue this opportunity. The main advantages include:

Experience new places

Perhaps you have never been outside of your hometown. If so, you might want to explore other cities and even discover what it’s like to live in another country for a while.

An internship overseas provides you with this opportunity, all while gaining valuable experience to advance your academic or work journey. There are many great places to work, including International Internships Seoul. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle there, easily taking public transit to go to beaches on days off work or to check out the many touristy places, such as Changdeokgung Palace. Try all the yummy food there, from Kalbi (beef short ribs) to Pajeon (Korean pancakes). And don’t forget the sweet treats too, including Korean soft serve.

Expand beyond the Western work world

Western society can provide a satisfying place for a thriving career. Still, there is also a lot to be said about working in other countries that have different workplace traditions and foundations. Perhaps you choose to go overseas, for example, for a more relaxed workplace.

Or, maybe you seek a work environment that is different in another way. For example, you might want a workplace culture that offers a more flexible work schedule. Or, perhaps you are looking for somewhere that encourages fitness as part of the employee experience in ways you’re not finding in the Western world.

Grow your resume

This benefit is a big one and why many people choose internships abroad in Seoul and other places. The skills gained while interning can be highly sought after in the industry you want to break into.

Deciding to go to a foreign country to work can be a major achievement that sets your resume apart from the pack when you add it to your CV. It could be what gets you in the door at your dream company.

What the international work experience brings to your resume includes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • The ability to participate in a globalized economy
  • Strong second-language skills
  • Ability to cope well in new environments

An employer who sees you have gone abroad as an intern will see your personal growth. You have challenged yourself in the work adventure, which just might get you the next job opening you apply for!

International networking

At your fingertips is the opportunity to network globally when you go abroad. Your co-workers and acquaintances overseas are ones you can bond with and maintain relationships with over the years.

As you expand your professional network, you can look forward to learning about job opportunities that may not have been available had you not become an intern overseas. That could take you to another city or country, depending on the future jobs available to you, especially with an improved resume.

Your network will appreciate the depth of skills you have (see list above). Perhaps you will also gain lifelong friendships and enjoy travel opportunities unlike before. As your work environment expands, your gained connections may recommend you for positions. They can also become LinkedIn contacts and people you ask for feedback on future business decisions. You may also feel more driven in your career.

Internships abroad: Over to you

Are you interested in pursuing a global experience through an international internship? Or, have you done this before? Share your thought below.

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