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5 wedding trends in 2022

Wedding trends

Within the past year, different wedding trends have risen and come back from previous years. But how do you differentiate and find something you won’t regret when you look back? These five wedding trends in 2022 will have your guests talking about how fantastic your special day was for a long time.

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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, scrolling through endless ideas of what you can incorporate into your special day. It can take months or years to prepare, from the bridesmaid gifts to the personalized vows for the ceremony and the menu for the reception dinner at The Crescent Beach Club afterward.

Narrowing down your options and figuring out some top considerations can help tremendously. Whether you want a themed wedding, a large or small wedding, it’s all up to you and what will make you happiest.

5 popular wedding trends:

1. Live music and DJ

While your ceremony is the intimate moment everyone loves to take pictures of, the real party begins when the music starts. Deciding which route to go can be challenging; there are good reasons for both a wedding DJ and live music. So, why not just have both?

Many weddings have had live music and a DJ in the past year. Typically, starting with live music and transitioning to a DJ seems the way to go, but it’s about whatever makes you happiest and fits into your plan.

Having both can satisfy all guests as people have different preferences and give you a variety of music. While a live band can give you a raw feeling, DJs know how to liven a party and have access to more songs for people to enjoy through the night.

2. Champagne towers are another fun wedding trend

What’s a wedding without booze? Being able to serve your guests alcohol is one thing, but being playful with the presentation of it and turning it into a small portion of your wedding can leave guests talking about it for ages.

Champagne towers have increased in popularity this year as they are a cute and fun way to start the celebration after your ceremony. They can be as big or as small as you want, depending on the size of your guest list. They even create cute photos you and your partner can savor for years.

3. Creating custom wedding signs

Custom wedding sign

Printable downloads: Small, Large

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. You want it to be unique and memorable for both of you. Incorporating small things that personalize your wedding, such as custom wedding signs, is a great way to make your wedding feel even more unique. They are a great way to greet your guests as they come in and can even have small messages on them.

People have been able to get creative with the types of wedding signs they have at their weddings. Utilizing social media or things you’ve seen in the past, you can completely customize it to you and your significant other. Depending on your budget, you can make inexpensive ones that look professionally done and adorable.

4. Modern ceremony seating

One of the most complained about parts of a wedding is guest seating. Not everyone can see; people are too close together and always find something to complain about. Utilizing different types of seating rather than just the typical rows across chairs can help your list of complaints from guests go from a long to almost nothing.

While the rows are perfectly ok, changing the shape or type of chairs can make your wedding more unique and memorable. More people have been trying out different seating arrangements during the past year for their ceremony.

Two of the most popular have been half circles and full circles. This would mean you and your significant other are standing in the middle with the seats surrounding you, giving everyone a better viewing experience.

5. Wedding trends: Film photography

Your wedding didn’t happen unless there is photo evidence and lots of it. With the increased popularity of film photography, people have incorporated it into their weddings separately from the hired professional photographer.

Giving each table or couple their disposable camera to take pictures throughout the night can create some fantastic, raw photos that your photographer may not have been able to get. It allows your guests to feel like they are a part of your wedding and help contribute to the fun as they can take silly or memorable photos that you can collect at the end of the night.

Choosing the ideas you want

With these wedding ideas resurfacing or becoming a new trend in 2022, narrowing down and picking what is best for you can be challenging. It is all about what makes you happiest and what you’ll be able to look back on and not regret.

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