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10 creative long-distance birthday ideas

Long-distance birthday ideas

Birthdays play a major role in an individual’s life. Celebrating these special occasions with friends and family is something to look forward to each year. But how do you share in the love with those who live far away? Thankfully, with the help of technology, distance need not be a factor when celebrating a birthday. For instance, if you want to celebrate your mother’s birthday, consider buying gifts for her and even throwing her an online party. This guide offers more long-distance birthday ideas to make anyone smile.

The best long-distance birthday ideas

Some of the best ways to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday are:

1. Group video

Group videos are highly personalized and ensure that the person feels their family is around on their birthday. This idea works for people who have family members living in different locations.

Simply ask people to record a short video containing a special message for the person who has their birthday and send it across. You can create a unique and special video gift using a video editing tool to combine these small videos. Try adding emojis and other graphic elements to make the video extra enjoyable for the recipient.

2. Send a fun-filled box

Create a birthday box filled with placards with different messages, sweets, and confetti. You can also experiment with the items that can be sent in the birthday box, giving it a personal touch. Enlist the help of any professional birthday box aggregator, as they will be able to suggest innovative items that you could add to the box.

3. Send them to a fancy dinner

A delicious dinner is a nice treat. You can get their favorite food delivered to their home or arrange for a cab to pick them up so that they get the complete culinary experience. Also, you could invite some of their friends over for the special dinner to add to the element of surprise, and the person celebrates their birthday with loved ones.

4. Send a customized birthday cake

Almost everyone looks forward to cutting a cake on their birthday. You can make their day more special by sending a customized cake for them to enjoy. For instance, if they like a particular television series, you can have the cake designed per the show’s theme.

 5. Virtual birthday party

The pandemic has resulted in different innovative ways of hosting a birthday party. You can arrange a FaceTime call with several friends and family members. This way, everyone will be able to interact with each other and will have a blast.

6. More long-distance birthday ideas: Virtual countdowns

Countdowns are known to make things exciting. With that in mind, create a countdown timer to show them how eagerly you are awaiting their birthday. You can also post pictures on social media throughout the birthday week of the person. A virtual countdown is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

7. Polaroids

Photos can take people down memory lane. To make someone feel loved on their birthday, consider creating an album with their best pictures— individual and group. You can also curate a box full of polaroids that the person can clip on their table or hang on fairy lights. It will be one of the best ways to cherish old memories.

8. Puzzles

Want to send a special message on someone’s birthday? Create a mini puzzle out of the message you want to send them. You can even get these pieces mailed to the person individually. This approach will build the anticipation of trying to guess the message.

9. A personalized birthday card is great long-distance

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it works every time. Pick a beautiful card and handwrite a birthday message that makes the person feel special on their big day. A birthday card will help you keep your sentiments raw and unfiltered.

10. Take them virtual shopping

The internet has created a world where we can engage in activities from the convenience of home. With that in mind, take the person on a virtual shopping spree. You can also use tools like Metaverse to have an enhanced shopping experience.

Wrapping up the long-distance birthday ideas

A creative birthday present shows how much you care for that recipient, no matter how far the distance between the two of you. The gesture could be as grand as providing a meal in a 5-star restaurant or as simple as sending flowers.

It takes planning to ensure that everything pans out smoothly on the day of the celebration. What counts the most is showing your love, whichever long-distance approach you take.

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