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Business torts: The most common torts to know

Business torts

The law defines a tort as a civil wrong where the court imposes liability in an omission or act that gives rise to harm or injury to another, such as damage or conversion of personal property. However, business torts can harm a business’s reputation and everyday practice. Often when the plentiful files a case, they are eligible to receive compensation for the damages caused, or they can provide injunctive relief.

The cause of business tort can be one person, organization, or a large group of people damaging and disrupting the business’s daily operations. The damages could be the business property, the company’s reputation, or the relationship between the two firms. This article will explore the common types of business torts to know about.

Invasion of privacy

The invasion of privacy is a business tort. Some invasion cases include appropriation, publicized private matter, intrusion upon seclusion, and false light publicity.

Appropriation occurs when someone in the business or outside the business entity uses someone else’s identification for their own benefit. Publishing private matters is a big concern, and anybody responsible for this should be accountable.

It may affect the company by releasing its core ingredients, helping them stand out. The intrusion of seclusion occurs when an employer intrudes on the private life of the employees, especially in the wrong way.

The law demands that an employer is supposed to respect the right to privacy of their employees. Lastly, a false light tort is when a person gets placed in front of the public offensively.

Business defamation, product, and commercial disparagements

When another business or individual communicates or sends untrue statements about a business entity to damage their reputation, they should be held accountable. Business defamation occurs when a business’s reputation is damaged, which can cause the company a lot of loss.

A business can consider contacting the Edmonton commercial lawyer to help them file such a case. Product disparagement occurs when someone or another party makes false statements disparaging products and property of the business. Commercial disparagement harms a business’s economic potential.

Fraud is another business tort

Fraud contains an expansive definition when it comes to business and its operations. When money embezzlement or the working hours are false, it will fall under fraud. If a company or individual participates in fraud, they should be answerable to the court of law and compensate the victims.

Contracts interference

When business contracts are interfered with through false information or unfair competition, the business responsible should be held accountable. If another organization interferes with prospective business relationships, the affected company can claim tortious.

Breach of fiduciary duty

Lastly, let’s discuss the fiduciary duty. It requires that when an individual or a group represents another in a business, they should act in the best interest of the company they represent.

When the representing party works in their interest, a breach of the fiduciary duty occurs. Any written or verbal statement that affects the agreement between the business and the party will constitute a false misrepresentation.

Concluding words on business torts

The above list outlines the standard business torts. If your business is involved in the above situation, contact an Edmonton commercial lawyer for consultation and guidance on the way forward. They will help file a case and ensure you get the proper compensation.

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