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3 bedroom desks to improve your space

Bedroom desks

Creating a beautiful bedroom space is important for many reasons. Not only can it help make the room a more soothing place to be but it can also help you feel comfortable as you drift off to sleep. If you’re wondering how to improve the space, bedroom desks might be the answer. They combine beauty with purpose, especially for those who live in a small home, condo, or apartment. Here are some great choices.

The popularity of bedroom desks

With more people working from home now than before the pandemic, the need for desks has grown. That makes sense as a desk and chair are staples in an effective home office environment.

If you live in a studio apartment or have little extra space, you might create an office in your TV room or another room, such as a bedroom. In this case, you can create an ultra-functional space in your bedroom by installing stylish bedroom desks. Modern designs have made it possible to enhance the attractiveness of the bedroom while giving you plenty of working space too.

There are many designs from which to choose. Here are four popular ones:

1. Desks with bookshelves

A lot of modern bedroom desks have a design that smartly incorporates bookshelves too. If you’re an avid reader or have work-related materials to refer to often, a bookshelf is very handy to have in the room.

As the shelves go above and around the desk, they take up a little extra space than the desk itself. That’s good news if you have a smaller room.

Also, the bookshelf provides a place to organize work printouts, books, and more. You can also add vases, bookends, framed photos, and more to make it a wonderful part of the decor. You might even paint the shelves to match the rest of the bedroom decor for a unified look. From lavender to light green, choose the shade you want and customize it!

2. Floral prints

Perhaps you already have a desk and now you want to bring it into the bedroom and create a personal touch. If so, why not wallpaper it with a floral print or a different pattern?

It might surprise you that peel-and-stick wallpapers are making a comeback on desks. That’s right, they’re a great way to makeover an existing desk you have and modernize it.

Give the furniture a new look within a short time with this DIY wallpaper project. Then add a custom throw pillow for your bedroom desk chair in floral or another print to complete the look. Or, try an acrylic or ghost chair for a modern flair.

Perhaps you add matching artwork around the bed for pleasing decor. If you love flowers, this idea might be the one for you.

3. The curved bedroom desk

While you might be used to sharp edges on desks, a curved design is one that is very appealing. In a bedroom, the desk is subtle and won’t take over the overall design of the space.

Plus, a curved desk design is one that is modern-looking and a bit playful. Add a chair of your choice and you’re ready to start work with your laptop.

For extra storage, you might add rolling carts with drawers to fill with paperwork. Try to find ones that match the color of the desk for a more uniform look. Or, consider a mini filing cabinet that stores out of sight in the closet.

A few last words on bedroom desks

Your choice of bedroom desk and chair are up to you, and there are many great choices. From design to color, there are terrific options that enable you to create a multi-purpose space.

You could finish the look with a rug and some colorful artwork on the walls. A lamp and scented candles are other additions to enhance the room.

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