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Is it time to replace your appliance? How to know it’s past the best-before date

Time to replace appliance

While they might not be as expensive as, say, our cars or our houses themselves, appliances including your dishwasher and fridge are likely some of the highest ticket items within your home. As such, it makes sense that you want to take as good care of them as possible, and also that you’re reluctant to part with them even when all of the signs suggest that it’s time to replace your appliance.

The trouble is that, while it’s certainly worth finding out how to fix dishwasher problems or maintain a fridge that could still serve you for many years, pursuing appliances that are past their best can simply end up being a time-consuming and costly task. The question is, how do you avoid this by knowing when it’s best to pull the plug on an appliance that’s always served you well?

Continual breakages

Perhaps the most telling sign that the appliance in question could benefit from a replacement is a simple fact that it keeps on breaking. After all, while the odd breakage isn’t at all unusual, having to continually invest in repair callouts that occur more than twice a year is quickly going to get expensive. It can leave you out of pocket without necessarily benefiting you in the long term.

By comparison, buying a replacement appliance using a credit card that you’ve researched well with the help of a company like Compare Credit could see you not only saving on repairs but also enjoying cashback on the purchase itself. All of which are going to serve your finances way more than if you keep on paying large sums to sustain an appliance that’s unlikely to pull through.

Time to replace your appliance: Old age struggles

Even well-functioning appliances can struggle as they reach the end of their lives, leading to issues including a lack of efficiency, a slowing down of function, or even breakages. For reference to when you can expect this, consider that average appliance lifespans tend to be:

  • Stove/oven – 10-15 years
  • Dishwasher – 10-13 years
  • Microwave – 10-12 years
  • Fridge – 10-12 years
  • Washer/dryer – 10 years
  • Air conditioner – 15-20 years

If your appliance has started suffering and is coming up to these fatal dates, then you could undeniably benefit from saving yourself the struggle, and simply accepting that replacement is in order.

New advances in the market

Sometimes, even if an appliance’s performance is acceptable, you may also seek a replacement if new advances feel like they would be a better fit for your lifestyle. Most recently, advances in things like smart appliances have especially led countless individuals to seek replacements for an easier life in general.

Equally, if things like steam ovens and voice-controlled kitchen additions sound tempting, then your home life could well benefit from them. Your home’s resale value can increase if you have better-quality appliances that work like new.

Takeaway on when it’s time to replace your appliance

Appliances can be expensive, so you’ll want to do what you can to keep them around. However, when they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go, and these warning signs could all suggest that it’s time.

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  1. I remember the time when appliances lasted much longer, but now there is built-in obsolescence. I had a Maytag washer last for 30 years with only a few repairs. Too often, I’ve had to replace appliances too often in the last 20 years.

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